Behind the Beat: An Inside Look at Mako and His Music

Behind the Beat: An Inside Look at Mako and His Music

Mako hit the stage last Friday in Denver, CO at the Larimer Lounge. The tunes were great and the vibes were even better! He performed an incredible show leaving the crowd unable to resist grooving. It was an intimate gathering filled with true fans adoring and singing along at each moment.

The producer is now on his ‘Breathe’ tour appearing with a live band! Mako has an unbeatable stage presence while playing both new mixes as well as fan favorites such as “Smoke Filled Room” and of course “Breathe”. After the show, Mako hung out at the merch table greeting all of his fans with pictures and smiles. His positivity is definitely contagious and really made the show unforgettable.

Check out the exclusive interview below and follow this link to find out when Mako is heading to your city!

Mix writer laura grant with mako

You are currently on your “Breathe Tour.” Are there any cities that you love to play, or can not wait for?

San Francisco is always one of the greatest cities for us I love performing there.  Sincerely loving all of the cities we’ve played so far too 🙂

What is your dream festival/venue to play at?

I got the smallest sneak peak at Red Rocks a few years ago…we were able to perform upstairs for a festival but never in the proper theatre.  That would be really special I think.

What musicians have influenced the music you make?

I drew a ton of my early influence from classical music, I was a symphony nut.  Then got swept away by film composers like John Powell, John Williams, Hans Zimmer.  Over the last few years its been artists like Sigur Ros, m83, Radiohead – and all those Swedes got to me in my earlier days of progressive house.

Did anyone or anything in particular in your life make you want to become a musician?

I have no clue why I first picked up that trumpet in 6th grade…but for some reason I did.  Music just clicked for me immediately in a way nothing else really had.  As soon as I started it wasn’t even really a conscious thought to do it I just kept going and never stopped 🙂

So, I saw the article about the Redditor who found your collab with Illenium and Kill the Noise which is no longer available. What can you tell us about that?

Its coming out soon!  Psyched about this one.

Is there a certain producer of band that you would like to do a collab with in the future?

So many.  Its pretty easy to rope me in to a collab, finishing stuff is always the hardest ><

How do you feel your music has changed since Logan left last March?

I would say the biggest changes were going on when Logan was still with me, he was so gracious in encouraging me to produce Hourglass the way that I did…which ended up as some kind of flurry of indie-rock/pop/electronic/cinematic music rather than EDM.  I’ve been following along in that direction ever since

What is your favorite and least favorite part about touring?

Performing has become such a sweet addiction since we converted to the live band.  Singing for such wonderful people and playing alongside the badass musicians I have with me, its all a dream really.  The exhaustion from travel and lack of showers takes a toll but its an easy price to pay 🙂