Behind the Beat: Bianca Oblivion from Club Aerobics Makes ‘Em Sweat

Behind the Beat: Bianca Oblivion from Club Aerobics Makes ‘Em Sweat

Listening to Club Aerobics tracks and collaborations, “sweaty dance party,” comes to mind. Bianca Oblivion, DUCKY and Suspect Bitch make up the Clubs Aerobics team, and each brings her own flavor and spin to the group’s dynamic. Bianca Oblivion recently chatted with us about her fellow female DJs and her collaboration with Akira Akira for the remix of Shiftee’s “Go Premee.”

Thanks to the graces of the internet, it seems that the music gods intended for these three creative minds to cross paths. “No genres, no rules, no safe sh*t, no boring” is Club Aerobics’ motto and while each carries her own pizzazz when they come together it all blends into perfect high-energy sets. With two master’s degrees, Bianca Oblivion has spent time living in the East and West coast (currently resides in Los Angeles) and has 10 years of DJing under her belt. She sprinkles some of her Hispanic roots and Jersey house into her tracks. DUCKY, a San-Fran bred and now LA-based producer and DJ, has been playing at clubs since she was 13 (via fake ID vibes). She quickly bubbled up in the LA and internet scenes with releases on OWSLA’s sister label NEST, Japanese tastemakers Trekkie Trax. Last but certainly not least is Suspect Bitch, LA-based producer. Drum and bass (D&B) opened up another world of music she hadn’t quite yet explored. Not too long after attending a few D&B parties she decided she would learn how to DJ and naturally focus would shift to producing. Needless to say these three pretty much self-taught souls have racked up quite an impressive musical repertoire.

Tropical, “grimey” and hype are three words Bianca would use to describe her musical style. “I love fast dances…You can be jumping up and down sweating or like when you’re dancing and that one beat hits, and you’re just like…feeling it,” said Bianca. Her description marries perfectly with one of her recent live DJ sets alongside Anna Lunoe during the Hyper House fall tour this past year. “She [Anna Lunoe] started doing Hyper House live events in LA, and we would go and I met her in-person. She was really sweet and we all just got closer.” Fast forward and Bianca joined the tour’s first stop at Santa Barbara.

For Bianca, DJing and dancing go hand in hand. “For me whenever I’m DJing, I visualize myself dancing and how I want to dance. For me, it’s so interconnected. Whenever I DJ, I see myself on the dance floor I try to put myself in that place,” explains Bianca. “What would I want to dance to? What are these people feeling? What do they want to dance to? How can I make those two things come together?” Her recent remix of Shiftee’s “Go Premee” makes it virtually impossible to not have some part of your body moving with the beat.

Remembering the exact point in time of where she was and what she was doing when Shiftee’s e-mail extending a music opportunity found its way into her inbox. She recalls being surrounded by pumpkin this, pumpkin that. “I was in a Trader Joe’s shopping and it was around Thanksgiving time…there was a lot of pumpkin spice everything. I was on my phone writing him back,” giggled Bianca. She had wanted to work with Akira Akira for some time now and saw this as perfect timing to make that happen. “He’s a really amazing producer. He can basically do anything, really fantastic upcoming producer and DJ.” In the span of two weekends, Bianca and Akira cranked out the track. “It kind of came together organically. We have similar tastes in what we play and what we like,” said Bianca. With no further adieu, check out the energizing “Go Premee” remix below, and get ready to sweat:

For the full Q&A with Bianca Oblivion click the link below:

Mix 247 EDM: You’re part of a group called called Club Aerobics, can you tell us a little bit about the group’s background?
Mix 247 EDM: What’s the dynamic between Club Aerobics?
Mix 247 EDM: Bianca Oblivion, guessing that isn’t your full legal name, so where does that name come from?
Mix 247 EDM: Before we dive into your work, I remember meeting you late last year and talking about how DJing isn’t your first line of work. Can you share how you first started getting into this? And what life is when you’re not mixing?
Mix 247 EDM: The“Go Premee” remix has been gaining a lot of attention, congrats! Both Martin Garrix and Mad Decent featured it in their Spotify playlists. How did this work come about?
Mix 247 EDM: In three words, how would you describe (for someone who hasn’t listened to you) your genre, what your tastes are what you gravitate toward [in terms of music]?
Mix 247 EDM: There’s such a strong movement right now with women and supporting each other. When being identified in the music biz, does it bother or flatter you to be termed as a “female DJ”?
Mix 247 EDM: You’ve DJed with a DJ I’ve been following for awhile, Anna Lunoe–how was that like being part of a Hyper House night? Was it something her and her team reached out or what did that look like?

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