[Behind the Beat] Club Banditz Talks About Their Craft, Monster Partnership, and More

[Behind the Beat] Club Banditz Talks About Their Craft, Monster Partnership, and More

We here at Mix 247 EDM are gearing up for Something Wonderful festival this April. In advance of this festival we had the chance to chat with one of the artists on the lineup, Club Banditz, a Portuguese duo that are absolutely crushing it in the house music scene right now. Read on to learn about how Club Banditz came into being, their plans for 2017, and more!

What were the origins of Club Banditz? How did you two meet and where does the name “Club Banditz” come from?

Well the Club Banditz project was born from a friendship that already existed between us. We were friends when we decided to join and create a project together, because we liked the same music genres and besides that we also identified much with each other … we used to say that we are brothers of another mother (lol).

About the name Club Banditz the true story behind that is that it was born a little at random, one day in the afternoon we sat in a cafe and began to write on a sheet of paper … and in among several names came the Banditz and then we thought why not Club Banditz , something like the “Club Thugs.”

I love your track, “Fugitive,” which just came out in January. It has the familiar elements of a progressive house track but also some surprises in there too – I particularly love the sort of peaceful intro! What would you like to tell Mix readers about this song?

We say that “Fugitive” is perhaps our best song, our most professional music, most worked to the detail… And we bet a lot on the production of this song, for example we used some real instruments. Pay close attention to the melodic part of our musics, is our mark you know, and also the lyrics, we always try to pass sensations and feelings to who hears our tracks. And of course that it gave us a great pleasure to produce this song with our great friend Vee Brondi.

What is your songwriting process like, and how do you work together to bring your ideas to life?

It depends, sometimes we start with the melody part, sometimes we start with the beat, other times we can receive the vocals and start working around the vocals… Depends a lot on each situation and also depends the level of inspiration. We like to work in detail, and we only put a song out when we really feel that’s how we like it. We understand ourselves very well in the creative and production process, sometimes one has an idea and then we develop together, see how it sounds.

Tell us a little bit about your partnership with the headphone company, Monster.clubbanditz

Our partnership with Monster started about 2 years ago, we received an invitation from Monster to be part of the ambassadors of the brand and give the face to the brand, alongside big names like for example Cristiano Ronaldo who is also Portuguese like us. Obviously we accept this invitation with great pride and it is very pleasant and gratifying for us to be part of the Monster family. A word also to the people who founded and lead this fantastic company is a pleasure to work with you all!

In addition to your Monster partnership, you’re signed to a major label and have played to massive crowds alongside some of the biggest names in dance music. Do you have any other specific goals you’d like to achieve in your careers?

You know, the career of an artist never stops, can’t never stop, you have to always be looking for new achievements for new goals, always working motivated. It is true that we have achieved many good things, but our list has not even come half (lol). We have several desires still to be achieved, such as some great world festivals, and some collaborations with names that we respect and greatly admire.

Do you ever notice any difference between when you play to your hometown crowd in Portugal vs when you play in other countries, or are dance music fans the same the world over?

Things are very much the same nowadays, because for example when you play in a festival, the people who go, go to have fun, to sing, to jump, to dance. And we think this is universal, if you are playing in the United States, Latin America, Asia, Europe, of course there is some public that can be more effusive than another, depends on cultures.

When we play in Portugal, the audience is wonderful, loves electronic music, and for us it is special for the sentimental part, because we are playing in “home”.

club banditzWe know that you’re on the lineup for Something Wonderful in Texas this April – what else do you have planned for this summer or 2017 in general?

Yes it’s true we’ll be in Texas in April in the mainstage of Something Wonderful and we’re very excited to play there, we love to play in United States.

About 2017 we have several things planned, fundamentally the summer in Europe that is always very strong, always with many parties and festivals.

We also have our own show – The Banditz Show – a complete show of sound, light, image, pyrotechnics, that we will present during this year of 2017.

What do you do when you’re not working on your music?

Well, we like to do several things, because free time is not much so we have to enjoy it very well. We love doing sports, going out, going out with our friends, with our family, going out to dinner, cooking, simple things, and things that all people do.

What music are you listening to these days? Any up and coming artists you think we should know about?

We always try to listen to various musical genres because it is a way to go get new inspirations and also allows us to be on top of what is going on. For traveling, it’s good to listen to something more relaxing more chillin…

Tell us a fun fact about yourselves!

About that we have several and you do not need to backtrack too long until the last one happened… On New Year’s Eve night, we spent midnight playing in our town, and at one point we climbed the two above the cabin and the goal would be to skip both at the same time when the music bursts… Happens that when we skipped the two, Johnny jumped badly and fell on the floor (lol) there is a video that witnesses this and that we posted on our social networks and was a success. We have a good sense of humor and we know how to play with ourselves (lol) and that moment was hilarious, and is our 2017 first fun fact.

Thanks so much for chatting with Mix 247 EDM!

Something Wonderful takes place on April 22-23 in Dallas, Texas. Buy tickets to catch Club Banditz and the rest of the great lineup!

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