[Behind the Beat] CRWNS Gives Us a Look at His Career and Future

[Behind the Beat] CRWNS Gives Us a Look at His Career and Future

CRWNS is a New Orleans based DJ and Producer who is rapidly evolving in the Future Bass scene. In addition, he is the Editor-in-Chief of Run the Trap, an online publication highlighting “the best EDM, Hip-Hop, and Trap Music”.

CRWNS’s SoundCloud features original tracks and remixes with over a million listens combined, and he recently played alongside Rickyxsan at Hangout Music Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama. You can also find his track “Favorite Side” on Spotify.

Coming from a humble beginning in Chicago, IL, CRWNS shared with us his boost into the world of Future Bass and his hopes for the future:mix 247 edm interview with CRWNS

Q: When did you start getting into DJing/ Producing? What was your inspiration?

A: Growing up, I always loved sharing new music with people – whether it be DJing parties or writing for music blogs, I was constantly involved in the scene one way or another. I guess everything sort of came naturally from that passion. I started DJing and making mashups when I was a sophomore in high school just as a hobby, then when I was a sophomore at Tulane University, I started taking production seriously as well as my music career.

Q: How did you get into producing Future Bass music?

A: When future bass started gaining traction I fell in love with the style and wanted to produce it in my own way. Hearing how the genre took influences from trap, electronic, and hip-hop was (and still is) super captivating to me, and I really dig working in that space. Right now, I’m working on expanding into other genres while still maintaining my own original sound.

Q: Who are your favorite Future Bass artists?

A: Flume will forever be my all-time favorite.

Some others: k?d, graves, Louis the Child, Vincent, and Oski are all killing it right now.

Q: What are some of your goals for the future? Are there any festivals you’ve dreamed about playing?

A: No joke, I seriously wanna do it all: start a record label, play the Superbowl, win a Grammy, etc. Playing Lollapalooza would be a dream just because I’m from Chicago and have attended the festival for so many years.

Q: Where can we find your music?

A: Hit me up on SoundCloudTwitter, Instagram or Facebook.

We look forward to seeing more from CRWNS in the future and following him on his journey.

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