[Behind the Beat]: From Coast to Coast with Styles & Complete

[Behind the Beat]: From Coast to Coast with Styles & Complete

Two thousand four hundred sixty one miles (give or take a few miles here and there) is the distance between Los Angeles and Charlotte, cities where Styles & Complete call home. The distance doesn’t take away from their inspiration, if anything it adds onto it. Their music has coast-to-coast influence, and they’re able to catch different waves of music trends that they then blend and experiment with in order to breathe life into new sounds. Slated to play later this spring at Something Wonderful in Dallas, Texas on April 22, they took a second to chat with us about their growth as artists, the evolution of technology in the music industry, music trends  and their upcoming project.

Styles & Complete “push for weirdness” with their music and would rather spend more time getting their sound just right versus sharing something just for the sake of putting tracks out there. Technology has definitely made it easier for anyone to install the software and create a mix but for them it’s more important to “[put] out quality music, not so much remixes.” However, as much as technology can be seen as a curse, Styles & Complete still look at it as a gift because “the sheer volume of people making music makes being average not okay. It’s pretty easy to be average,” expressed the duo. “Technology [is] pushing the envelope, [you] end up with better music.”

Technology has also definitely upped the ante when it comes to distinguishing between quality and quantity. “As much as it (music industry) is saturated, it’s easy to pick apart people who get creative and the people who are average and not really pushing the boundaries,” said Styles & Complete. So what’s one way to stand out among the rest of the fish in the pond? “Don’t get the pre-sets everyone is getting,” they expressed during the interview. “As programs become available making music will become easier and easier, and people will really have to step out the box.”

A piece of advice the dynamic duo give to their fresh-faced and seasoned music colleagues: “Never stop learning. Being good is never good enough if you’re not great. Greatness is the only thing that survives….[Don’t doubt yourself and ability] with our computers in front of us, you can do anything. You literally have the world at your finger tips.” Catch the full interview below, and for those who plan on checking out Something Wonderful, you’ll have an exclusive during their set as they preview some tracks from their upcoming project.

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