[Behind the Beat] Gettin’ Behind The Beat With Subtronics

[Behind the Beat] Gettin’ Behind The Beat With Subtronics

Philadelphia native, Jesse Kardon, aka. Subtronics is a dubstep producer specializing in all things robotic and whatever wubs come naturally to him. The big influences in his life that lead him to where he is today include artists such as Rusko, Skism, Tomba and Downlink, and other members of the dubstep community. It’s truly fascinating how he has grown exponentially in the past few months, gaining support from numerous amounts of bass music legends. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was his signature, where he tends to get bouncy and still have that mechanical drive within his sound design. That would have to be the thing that sets him apart from many producers.

Subtronics has recently collaborated with producers, including Uber (no, not the driving service), MurDa, Ecraze, and more, gaining attention from major labels. One of his best hits that got him to where he is now was his remix of “Thief” by Ookay, where the track played out at every major festival in the summer of 2016, being supported by the likes of Adventure Club, Knife Party, 12th Planet, and many others. Looking back, he is someone you definitely have to start listening to!

Subtronics came out to Salt Lake City in Utah to perform at the first annual Naughty or Nice, put on by Lights Out Live and I had an amazing chance to meet up and get to know him because he is one of the most chill and humble dudes I have ever come across. When given the chance to interview him, I decided I wanted to do something different – I’ve already do recorded and written interviews, along with video interviews at a venue or someplace else… but I decided to try an interactive video interview, where I would film Jesse himself at different locations around Salt Lake City and just ask him what was on my mind!

So, I picked him up at the airport, drove him around the city, went up to a hiking trail, and just filmed him everywhere while asking my questions… and that was the most personal I’ve gotten with an artist on that level. It was such a memorable experience!

So, here ya go! Down below is our exclusive interview with Subtronics!

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