Behind The Beat: Getting to Know Prince Fox

Behind The Beat: Getting to Know Prince Fox

From New York City, multi talented Prince Fox brings a fresh spin into EDM introducing his future pop style. Inspired by the world around him, Prince Fox is a fresh face with dynamic sound filled with raw emotion and a deeper meaning to his music. From his earlier years to his first Electric Zoo,  incorporating his songwriter/singing background, he flawlessly get’s us in our feels! In an exclusive team interview, we get to know Prince Fox.

Behind The Beat With Prince Fox

Thank you for being with us today! How are you?! Hey! I’m well thanks – Just hanging out in NYC!

How did you come up with the name Prince Fox? I grew up with a lot of promotional material in my bedroom from the book “The Little Prince,” so when I was doodling and trying to figure out what would be cool to call myself, I came up with “Prince Fox” because the two main characters are the prince and the fox.

Who is your biggest inspiration? Has to be a three-way tie between John Mayer, Skrillex, and Chris Martin

What is something you tell yourself everyday to keep you motivated? “Life’s what you make it.” Shout out Miley – It’s true!

Getting to Know Prince Fox

When you made it into the industry, what was the first thing you thought about? It’s hard to really quantify “making it” because there are always new goals I want to achieve; however, I will say that getting to do what I love is a blessing I think about daily.

What is the cutest thing someone has tweeted to you? Ooh haha this is a tough one! It would be hard to pick one – people are usually pretty sweet on twitter

What’s your favorite song that you’ve never told anyone? Probably “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” by John Mayer

Do you know how to Shuffle? I can pretend with some tequila haha

Will you be at any festivals soon? Yes! A few actually, although I’m not sure which will be announced by the time this interview comes out.. I know Euphoria has been announced so for sure that one!

What projects are you working on? Any new music? Tons of new music actually, lots of cool features, and exploring some new sounds too. Super excited to share that. I’ve also been producing for some other artists that I am quite excited for/about.

DJ, Songwriter & Singer

You come from a singer/songwriter background. How do you think this separates your songwriting approach to most DJS who don’t come from that world? I would say the biggest difference is that I actually do write most, if not all, of the songs I put out.

Are their elements of a singer/songwriter live show that you’d like to incorporate into your sets in the future, or do you like keeping them separate? Ideally, I would like to move to a live show in the next few years, only doing some select DJ sets.

What type of energy did you feel when you performed at Life In Color? LIC was incredible actually as it was my parents first time seeing me perform in an outdoor/festival setting. I was just overwhelmed with excitement and good vibes from the crowd.

What is your outlook on the EDM world at the moment? Its future? Would you describe it as positive, or negative? I think there will always be a place for each sub-genre that has been trendy in the past, however, I am curious to see which ones take the forefront in the years coming.

What advice would you give to those who are just starting out in the DJ and Producer world? What to do, what to avoid exactly? Just be honest and be yourself in your music; if you try and be something you’re not, it will be a hard facade to keep up.

What was it like collaborating with Hailee Steinfeld? What was the creative process like? It was a lot of fun. She’s great. Super talented and efficient in the studio. Whenever we needed any new takes from her she just hopped in the booth and crushed it immediately.

Do you have any new years resolutions? Be good and attract good people… oh and put out the best music I possibly can 🙂

Where can we follow you? All socials “@PrinceFoxMusic” besides Snapchat which is “prince-fox”

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