[Behind The Beat] Getting To Know Vault Hunter

[Behind The Beat] Getting To Know Vault Hunter

EDM is a huge genre. You will sit there for hours identifying each genre/subgenre. Some genres remind you of something within. I for one, love video games. Vault Hunter does an amazing job incorporating EDM and video games into one. Video Game mixing is on the rise and if you love video games, check out Vault Hunter.

Vault Hunter flawlessly mixes video games along with his music. When I first saw him, I was blown away from his mixes of Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon and of course, when he threw in Porter Robinson. I was mind blown. The set caught me and got me into feeling nostalgic of all the games and shows I obsessed over. His energy alone on stage brought such an energy to the Paper Box and everyone that was there. We are so happy to have him today with us!

[Behind The Beat] Getting To Know Vault Hunter

Vault Hunter

You were phenomenal on Saturday night,  where did your love for video game remixing grow?  So to answer the first question, my love for video game remixing and remixes, in general, stemmed heavily from both my interests in dance music and video games. What really spurred my growth in this niche genre was attending a festival that is held the beginning of every year in Maryland called MAGFest. It is an acronym for Music and Gaming Festival. From there I witnessed tons of fellow nerds many of whom were also musicians. My interest spiked when I came upon an artist and producer by the name of DJ Cutman. He just started a new label for video game dance music and after seeing him perform I wound up interning for said label. I began to meet so many more remixers and producers across the nation thanks to this and my love for the whole genre grew.
If you could choose one video game character to collab with you, who would it be? If I had to pick one game character to collab with? That’s a tough one. I may have to choose the main character from Persona 5. I would choose him because the style of music in that game was super smooth and groovy and I really think the sound would compliment my style really well. Not to mention that the game was incredible! Also the edginess that character exudes would just add to the character of our track as well as the presentation on stage.

Inspiration, Motivation and Future Shows

Who are your main inspirations on this journey? My main inspirations on my journey have definitely been RPGs since they were the big reason I got into games and specifically the music in games. But also Porter Robinson, DJ Cutman, Madeon, Nitro Fun, nanobii and Hyper Potions because all of their tracks have that quality and tone that I love so much in the tracks that I play or produce. They have definitely been on my playlists that I play on a daily basis as I drive or to generally just pump myself up for events! 
Who has motivated you to get to where you are today? I gotta say my family and girlfriend and some of my best friends have been a constant motivation to keep pushing myself.
What other events can we catch you at in the future? Right now. On twitch I do streams. But currently, no future shows til maybe January.
If you missed his set from Akira, check it out  here. 
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