[Behind the Beat] HAL-V & SpaceCase Is The Next Big Duo Of The Pacific Northwest

[Behind the Beat] HAL-V & SpaceCase Is The Next Big Duo Of The Pacific Northwest

HAL-V & SpaceCase crown Portland their home, dedicating themselves to the music and the people, with a genuine love for the culture, and laid-back attitudes. Jacob Halverson and Sean Marler bring a hip-hop influenced, alien esc, bass-heavy sound to the electronic scene through a dynamic, energetic stage presence. The DJ/producer duo have a yin and yang collaboration that results in a powerful combination both professionally and musically. They got their start in 2011 while attending Oregon State University, linking up for a back-to-back set and have worked together ever since. Their brilliance stems from their ability to expertly cater their sets according to the crowd, show, and other artists while still staying true to their sound.

This past weekend at Salt Lake City’s Get Freaky, I had an amazing time meeting these two and I got to give them their first tour of the Wasatch valley itself before their set later that night. I don’t think I’ve met any group that’s so down to earth and a blast to chill with! Down below is our exclusive interview with the duo themselves!

You both attended school at Oregon State University, how did you two cross paths? Why did you two decide to make music together?

Sean: The first time we probably met was in 2010, seven years ago. We just met through a buddy who was throwing local raves – we were both DJ’ing then. We started hanging out and clicked and then Jake got booked for some Christmas show and was like ‘Hey, do you wanna come do this with me?’ and I was like ‘Sure’! We had a blast playing together and ever since then, we have played all of our shows together.

When you two blended together, what genres were you individually?

Sean: We were really into Moombahton, back when that was a thing. We’re both huge into hip-hop, so back then it was kind of the hip-hop vibe and then once things started going towards trap, like hybrid and all that, that’s when we really started getting into that!

Where was your first big performance as a duo?

Sean: We opened for Victor Niglio and Carnage, that was put on by Red Cube at the Roseland Theatre back in Portland. Shout out to Red Cube for putting us on! They’re the shit! That was really big, that exposed us to tons of kids in Portland and after then, things took off from there.

Jake: We had just moved there after college so things just took off! It was great.

When you two tour, do you notice any differences in the culture between other places? For example, when I took you two downtown in Salt Lake City, our vibe seems to be different from Portland’s vibe! How would you compare and contrast that?

Sean: I mean, weed is legal in Portland. That’s definitely a big thing. But I don’t know, the vibe here is sick… there’s dank food here. Sick clothes… I’d say it’s pretty similar, honestly.

Jake: Everyone’s unique and special in their own way… it’s kind of interesting to see how they work, but the vibes are all of the same networks of love and energy, and that’s the biggest thing.

That’s my favorite thing when it comes to electronic music!

Sean: Yeah, I think our favorite thing about traveling is meeting people and it’s just so cool to travel and connect with people over music and you find that you have similar things in common. They instantly become your friends! And then you keep those things going on through social media, texting or whatever.

That’s one of my favorite things about to do is travel and keep in touch with people that I meet! When I went to Canada, the same thing, I attended the ileSoniq Festival in Montreal and I met so many different people and now to this day, we still stay in touch!

Both: Shout out to Canada! Shout out to Shambhala!

Speaking of all those festivals, where is your dream festival to perform at?

Both: Shambhala! That’s the goal, for sure!

Sean: It’s my favorite festival of all time! There’s nothing else like it in the world, honestly.

Vodka, whiskey, or tequila?

Sean: Whiskey! Whiskey ginger all the way!

Jake: Same here! Whiskey ginger!

Sean: Ginger beer over ginger ale though. Although, shoutout to Canada Dry!

Everything Canada?

Sean: Yup. Canada is the shit!

Jake: I loooove Canada, baby!

HAL-V & SpaceCase recently just released their new track “DRIFTING” and we at Mix 247 EDM are in love with it! Listen to it below!

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