[Behind the Beat] Hip-Hop & EDM DJ, DJ J Nice, Discusses His Stylistic Influences

[Behind the Beat] Hip-Hop & EDM DJ, DJ J Nice, Discusses His Stylistic Influences

Seasoned DJ, music producer, marketer, event coordinator and world traveler, DJ J Nice, is back from a tour in Australia. He’s finishing out the rest of 2017 with a residency in Las Vegas at LIGHT Nightclub in Mandalay Bay and Chateau at Paris as well as periodic appearances in clubs around LA and Phoenix. Come January, DJ J Nice will set out on another worldwide tour to nightclubs in Sydney, Barcelona, and Dubai in pursuit of his goal to perform at every major club, concert, and festival in the world.

Renown Hip-Hop and EDM DJ, DJ J Nice, Discusses his Smorgasbord of Stylistic Influences

Dj J Nice

DJ J Nice has been the official DJ for the NBA for the past ten years. He has toured with hip-hop icons like Biggie, Ashanti, and Lil Wayne, and has been the personal DJ for Floyd Mayweather and Shaquille O’Neil. His various roles also include being the CEO of MJ Enterprise, president of his own record label, and behind the scenes premier Las Vegas party planner and promoter.


From Baltimore and Atlanta, DJ J Nice musical sound is heavily hip-hop. He uses of Motown and old school hip-hop samples. But as the nightclub scene in around the world has evolved, so has his music to incorporate Euro-Hous, Reggaeton, Blue Grass, and even Bhaṅgṛā in his mixes and more popular tracks like “La Bonita” featuring Fatman Scoop with Michael Fall.

He describes his own music as very dynamic. Because the market demand for club music is constantly changing. So must his sound to keep the crowd as hyped as possible. There is a multitude of elements that go into any given night’s set mix depending on the geographic location, the crowd size and energy, the theme of the venue, and what tracks are hot at that time. By taking all these things into consideration J Nice is able to adapt and improvise during his set to keep the energy of the room at a consistently high, making every performance a completely different experience from the last.

DJ J Nice Stylistic Influences

Dj J NiceJ- Nice draws inspiration from all of the venues and crowds he has experienced in his long career of touring the world from Beijing to Barcelona to Melbourne to Miami. However, at its core, J Nice’s sound still maintains an essence of Atlanta and old-school hip-hop. “I’ve been DJ-ing for a long time, but probably got into producing music in 2004. Coming out of Atlanta, I mixed whatever I could get my hands on,” said J Nice. “It was mostly acapella hip-hop tracks because of all the studios in the area, so that’s where my sound started.”

But as he followed his dreams to tour internationally, J Nice became more inspired by the Hous music coming out of England, Australia, and Spain. “The clubs in Europe, especially in England, were way ahead of the US in terms of the EDM sound we are familiar with now,” said J Nice when asked about his dynamic sound, “the drum and bass was booming there way before we got a hold of it. It’s popping up everywhere now, but I think American musicians are still relatively behind. It’s my goal to bridge that gap.”

Future Plans for DJ J Nice

When asked about the future of his music career, J Nice said he is excited to visit all the locations on his upcoming world tour but has ambitions to eventually be a featured artist at Tomorrowland in Belgium. To escalate his presence in the EDM community, J Nice mentioned that he is currently working on a new album that tries to blend together trap and EDM tracks to bridge the gap between trends in contemporary American hip-hop and worldwide dance music. He and his music producing partner are attempting to feature artists like Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, and even Sysco on tracks like “Just Us” to reflect the pinnacle of party music.

He is also looking forward to watching Shaq’s recent music career flourish as J Nice played a major role in offering guidance and networking for Shaq into the nightclub DJ scene. DJ J Nice also gave the advice to be on the lookout for new material by artist Electro-Horse, a personal friend of his whose new music tries to blend country line dance music with EDM. All in all, DJ J Nice is no novice to DJ-ing evident by his experience, stage presence, fluid transitions, and crowd literacy. But as EDM flourishes in the nightclub party scene, J Nice has more recently refined his craft to reach EDM audiences around the world.