[Behind the Beat] Kickin’ It With Warden And His Beats

[Behind the Beat] Kickin’ It With Warden And His Beats

Warden is up n’ coming in the bass world so you better watch out for him!

Warden, aka. Austin Kane is a Portland native who is based out of Los Angeles. In 2013, he attended ICON Collective, where he developed the love and passion for his music. I wouldn’t put this passionate young artist into a certain EDM genre because his influences range from metal and dubstep to techno and hip-hop. With releases on Fool’s Gold, Buygore, and his own Malmaison imprint it’s clear to see that this dude absolutely kicks ass. He has toured with Borgore and has also collaborated with clothing brands Nightenjin and Finlay.. so it’s safe to say that he is the true bass god.

Before performing at Lights Out Live‘s Naughty or Nice in Salt Lake City, I had an incredible opportunity to take Warden and his manager, TC, out for a delicious sushi dinner to talk about his love for all kinds of music. Check out our conversation below!

Photo Courtesy of Sophia Chartrand

What specifically influenced you to start making music? 

I was always into music growing up like I played in a band when I was in high school, and pretty much how I switched to going into electronic music was the fact that all my friends were older than me and I wanted to do the same stuff they were doing! So I discovered Tiesto somehow and was like ‘What is this shit?’ and then I ended up looking into it and I f**ked around on this program called Free-Loops and I made 8-bit and metal sounding shit – it was really weird because it was video game music basically!

Besides Tiesto, who were your other influences? 

I was really really into trance, so I thought Armin van Buuren was tight and also Sander van Doorn! When I first started getting into dance music, I discovered trance first surprisingly, which I don’t make any more at all, but that was what got me hooked on it.

So what drew you more into bass? 

So I bought a subwoofer… not for my car but for my room to DJ in! I discovered NERO – this was sometime in 2008, and they had this dubstep track called “Something Else” – it’s a super old one and I was like ‘What the f**k is this shit?’ because it just blew my mind because of how heavy it was! It’s like metal but it’s not! It was definitely NERO that got me into this.

When producing your music, what does Warden want your listeners to get out of it?

I like to challenge people and push the envelope. I think it’s really easy in dance music for a lot of shit to sound the same, so I want to get everybody hyped and I always want there to be a surprise element of ‘Oh f**k, I didn’t see that coming’, or ‘OMG I didn’t realize I liked this shit’! It’s always what I go for when it comes to pushing limits and surprising people.

Especially when you’re seeing all their faces!

Yeah exactly! When I was touring with Borgore, his crowd was the best crowd to push the limits to. It was really nice to test out shit.

Borgore crowds must be insane!

Yeah, it was wild! I found out that people are just down. You just have to know how to weave in and out.

I want to talk about your “Virtual Self” edit! Can you take us through the production of it all? Any backstories you would like us to know?

Yeah, dude! I heard the EP and I was like ‘OMG this is giving me old school trance feels’ – I still love and appreciate trance, but when I heard it, I was like ‘This would sound really tight if there were trap drums and if it was more ‘in your face’ with it’! I got stoked on doing that and because the song is kinda glitchy, so I wanted to stick on that glitched, hyped-up sound and ‘what is going on’ vibe! I love that shit!

Check out his edit on “A.i.lien” down below!

I also hear you have a podcast! What’s that like?

So the podcast is called “Getting Weird With Warden”. I posted it on SoundCloud and it’s also in the podcasts category on iTunes. I started doing it because everybody in LA is just super interesting people and I just wanted to get to know everybody and I was like ‘Hey, all my friends do a bunch of weird shit, they’re all from different places, let’s talk’! So that’s where it all came from. It’s been really rad. It’s like an hour conversation with us getting to know each other while having beer and wine! It’s super easy!

Check out Warden‘s Podcast down below!

If you were to do a B2B set with anyone you wanted, who would you choose and why?

Honestly, it would go back to NERO! They’ve done two essential mixes and I love the way they play everything. It’s not just two hours of one thing – they go in and out through many musical backgrounds.

What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?

I have so many embarrassing moments! Recently, I was in Chicago with Borgore, Prince Fox, and 12th Planet and we were all hanging in the green room and 12th Planet was like ‘We’re gonna go over here for the afterparty’ and I was like ‘Okay’! I was so stoked because it was the first time I was with these people and I kept thinking ‘I’m in Chicago, DJing, I’m with 12th Planet and Borgore, and they all want to party’! I don’t even know where we went in Chicago, but basically the next day, I was in the security line in the airport, thinking that I at least made it to the airport. Everything was spotty and then I fell asleep at my gate and… missed my flight… because I didn’t wake up to get on the plane!

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