[Behind The Beat] Meet The Princess of Hardstyle, Lauren Valentine

[Behind The Beat] Meet The Princess of Hardstyle, Lauren Valentine

With an origin in the Netherlands, Hardstyle is one of the main genres of EDM. Some names like LNY TNZ, Wasted Penguinz, Dr. Phunk, Lauren Valentine is the new face of Hardstyle in New York.


With genres like dubstep, house and big room, hardstyle is a little harder to come by. Some people have to travel far and wide to enjoy it.  Festivals like Defcon, Ground Zero, Q- Base Toxicator and many more festivals, she’s one to keep on your hardstyle radar.

Lauren Valentine, When Rock Meets Hardstyle

With a beautiful integration of rock and hardstyle, Lauren Valentine is the full catch. Playing an event in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to meet Lauren Valentine and I will say this, all eyes were on her. She’s here with us today at Mix247EDM.

Lauren Valentine

Who are your musical inspirations? One of my biggest musical inspirations is rock music. My father is a drummer and I have been behind a drum set since I was a little kid. I have been going to rock shows concerts and live music events for my entire life and have always loved sharing my love of music. My father showed me the heart and soul of what it is to be a musician and taught me to be disciplined and skilled. I always represent that rock and roll vibe in my live sets, recorded mixes and original productions.

What made you go into Hardstyle opposed to other Genres? When I began my journey with electronic music I was always drawn to harder sounds because of my background in metal and rock music. From the moment I found hardstyle and hardcore I fell in love. Has the balance of hard beats and melodies and truly speaks from the heart. Hard bass really evokes such powerful feelings and reactions from dancers and listeners alike and it is truly a beautiful thing.

Previous Events And Where To Follow Lauren Valentine

How does it feel playing City Lights V Ezoo Weekend? I’m extremely excited to be back as a part of City Lights. I have performed at City Lights since its beginnings. I used to be a hooper and fire performer. My dance company used to dance and do fire dancing for the first few years of city lights. As well as back in 2013 I had the privilege to play one of my first New York sets at City Lights. This event has a long history in NYC. It has always I’m excited to be apart

What was it like playing Akira? Also, friends of mine, Sounds So Sweet always produces top quality events. Akira was an amazing event to be apart of. They had such a wide range of genres represented from dubstep to happy hardcore and hardstyle. Their crowd was also diverse spanning multiple states and genres. Bringing together a crowd and group of artists to share the same love of music regardless of all of our different styles was also an amazing representation of our scene. It was an honor to be back for my second time with my friends at sound so sweet. They did a phenomenal job as did all of the DJs that night

It was an amazing time meeting Lauren Valentine and chilling with her at Akira. Make sure to check out Lauren Valentine on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud.

Lauren Valentine

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Photo Courtesy of Siouxside, See-Bass Photography.

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