[Behind the Beat] Metal Meets Dubstep With Sullivan King

[Behind the Beat] Metal Meets Dubstep With Sullivan King

Metal is one of those most intense genres. Take the legends such as Pantera, Slayer, Megadeath and Van Halen. They left their mark through metal, just as Sullivan King promises to do.

Metal Meets Dubstep with Sullivan King

There are many up and coming artists in the EDM world but Sullivan King is one to look out for. From his live incorporation of live guitar and his vocals, Sullivan King is in his own category. And the only person who can perfectly compose a metal version of Cinema by Skrillex. With his collaborations with Kayzo, Riot Ten, … and Dubloadz, Sullivan King hurled down on the dubstep genre. From his Lost Lands performance, he has gained lots of traction in the community and many fans are yearning to know more about the artist. Here is here with us today.

Behind The Beat With Sullivan King

Hey Sullivan King! What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not touring/ in your free time?

Hmm… really hard cuz mainly it’s write music! I’m a really productive person so I find it hard to have “free time”. I love to travel/spend time with my wife, but otherwise, I love to golf. Hard to find 4-5 hours in a day to just go do that and not feel like I should be rocking songs haha.

Sullivan King

If you had a choice to collaborate with anyone dead or alive (metal and dubstep) and collab with them in any of your songs coming up, who would it be and why?

This is always the hardest kind of question cuz there are far too many people taken too early/so much talent still around today – I think it would have to be Van Halen. Eddie and Alex on some kind of dance track would just be un f**king real.

At what age did you begin to play guitar and when did you realize you wanted to incorporate it with dubstep?

11, 18

How was it playing for the first time at Lost Lands and if you had another opportunity, would you perform there again and why?

Sullivan King

Best experience I could ask for. I’ve never been so serene and where I’ve always been meant to be before. Truly something that made me just solidify how much I love what I do. 100% again because it was the most genuine event I’ve seen since Self Help Fest (punk/heavy rock festival thrown by A Day To Remember).

How was your performance and the crowd from your perspective? What was your favorite part performing at Lost Lands?

Sullivan King

I, of course, can critique my performance but at the end of the day, when in that moment, know I was giving it every ounce of compassion and energy as I possibly could, and I think the crowd saw that. Fave part was the end solo I do after playing Lockdown. It’s just so different from anything in the EDM world so it’s so awesome seeing people’s reactions to it.

On your Instagram, you mentioned seeing Destroid at EDC and now you were performing with them, what was that moment like for you? Can you explain to me how it all happened?

Long story short, I got in the studio with KJ a couple months ago and he mentioned wanting to put one of my songs into a Destroid set. I sent him a few and he heard Don’t Care and asked if I’d wanna go up and sing with them.

Of course, I was down. He and I clicked immediately in the studio. He’s such an amazing and incredible dude to be around and has such a relaxed and calm vibe/energy to him and I love it. So come Lost Lands time, we met up at the fest and he told me when to be on stage and from there… well the pics and vids explain the rest!

If you could listen to three genres of music for the next 30 days, what would it be and why?

Any Billy Joel, pop/punk (Story so Far, A Day to Remember, etc.) and metal. That’s really what I listen to every day just because it’s what I’m so in love with.

What are your top 5 favorite metal bands that you grab inspiration from?

Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, A Day To Remember, old Of Mice & Men (Shayley and Austin era), and it’s a tie between Nine Inch Nails and old Bullet For My Valentine. All those (except NIN) are what I grew up on and I’m so heavily rooted there musically that it’s really where I always go back to for riff ideas and mixdowns vocally.

Living in California, how does that influence your sound as a performer?

It doesn’t (LOL)

What are three festivals future goals of yours to perform?

Lollapalooza, EDC, And after that I have no clue lol

Your first EP came out not too long ago “House Of Wolves.” What was the process like? And what are some of your favorite songs on the EP?

It was interesting. All the tracks were in development for a while.. they were all riff based which is cool like they all started with guitar and evolved from there. Fave track is Don’t Care. It just really demonstrates what I do and what I’m headed towards sonically and also where I’m rooted musically. The intro guitar riff is also a good 6 years old and so the fact I found a place for it on a track makes it all the better.

Out of all of the collaborations you’ve done, which 5 are your top favorites and what did you like about the creative process?

Lol! I’m gonna make so many friends mad if I don’t include them so I’ll just say that recently I’ve really loved working with Dirtyphonics.

You released “Vantablack ” a few hours ago, what was it like collaborating with Dirtyphonics and how was it?

We have an entire EP together and we just gel SO well together and make such amazing and uniquely avant-garde music that is beyond stoked to do more with theme

What was it like collaborating with Kayzo with “Til We Die?”

Crazy haha! Till We Die was the 3rd thing we started together and we both love how it came out and how we got it to where it is. Super happy with it and I love Hayden, he’s such a genuine dude.

Where do you think dubstep will be in 10 years?

Couldn’t even say! Hopefully still crushing it and with me still doing what I’m done.

How do you deal with negative criticism?

Block em. LOL tbh, it doesn’t bother me when people don’t like something, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but when someone is blatantly critical and outright spreading bs (I.e Sullivan doesn’t even play guitar live it’s prerecorded) I just ban them. As an artist, and really anyone on the internet there isn’t much of an option to suppressing the hate other than that, and frankly, I have no prob let it be known that starting false rumors and fake data is unacceptable. We aren’t kids in high school and it serves no purpose.

What are your parent’s views on your music? Being one of the first people to collaborate dubstep with metal?

They f**king love it. lol my dad is my biggest fan and my mom has always wanted me to sing. So, she’s been beyond happy with the recent releases.

If your life could be 2 TV/Netflix shows, what would it be and why?

Honestly, it feels like it is already lol but entourage (the earlier seasons before the drugs and crazy drama started to deflate everyone mentally and morally) and prob The Walking Dead. Just cause I would rock the hell out an apocalypse lol

If your life was The Walking Dead, what would you do to combat Zombies and defeat them all with your music?

HAHAHA I didn’t even see this before answering the last one. I’d say the music would be the last weapon of choice other than maybe to use it to disperse/attract hoards to a specific area.

Do you plan on coming to the tri-state anytime soon?

Nothing slated atm, but would love to be back asap!

What are a few things that keep you going when you get discouraged? And what’s some advice you can give other artists?

Sullivan King

I don’t. I never get discouraged. If you’re getting discouraged, you need to look around and find who it is that is doing it to you. It’s always someone around you that’s bringing you down. The moment I cut people out of my life that I was extremely close to, that I thought I couldn’t live without; Everything suddenly aligned. I’ve been incredible since.

And who would you like to thank today?

My wife and family. I love you, Maddie. You are the best person I’ve ever met and thank you for all that you do. Love you mom and dad for being the best parents I could ask for. Thank you, grandma, for making the best brisket on earth. Also, thank you to my grandpa for making sure I did what I loved for a living. For your life’s work, especially to see that art lives on in this world as it did so much so in yours.

And to my managers. Thank you for making 2017 f**king unreal, let’s kick ten times as much a** in 2018!

King Is Back Snails and Sullivan King Metal Remix Out This Friday

Make sure to tune in on Friday for “King Is Back”, the Snails & Sullivan King Metal Remix. Make sure to follow Sullivan King on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Youtube to see what he’s up to and where he’s touring next! Check it out here exclusively on Friday.

Photos Courtesy of Rukes.com

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