[Behind the Beat] Michael Fam Discusses His Future

[Behind the Beat] Michael Fam Discusses His Future

Coming off a string of events, Michael Fam has slowly been rising through the Los Angeles electronic scene. Starting off playing bars and small parties, he rose to play some of the biggest clubs in Los Angeles, including Exchange and Avalon. And now he has eyes set on throwing his own parties and shaping them how he sees fit. He has just come off throwing his party Made In LA Volume 2, which was a huge success and now we sit down with him to hear more about his future.

How did you get into djing?

As far back as I can remember, music has always been a huge part of my life. My older brother Peter was in the Navy when I was in middle school and he came back with a lot of really good techno and trance from his travels around the world. I remember listening to his albums with him when he came back and that really stuck with me. In high school, I would either head over to my friend’s house and play around on his older brother;s turntables or I would head over to a local record shop called backside and just pick up random hip hop and house records and spend hours down there.

Who were some of your early musical influences?

That’s tough but a bit funny that most of my musical influences that are not house or techno artists. I listened to a lot of oldies and hip hop growing up so anything from Earth, Wind, and Fire to A Tribe Called Quest and everything in between. Anything that really has a distinct style and sound. I listened to a lot of underground hip hop in high school like Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, and Living Legends. That really raw and organic style really rubbed off on me. I try to channel that raw energy in my sets.

Who are you listening to and getting inspiration from right now?

Right now I am getting inspiration from Brather, Matthieu Faubourg, and Janert. And also the local artists I have been working with, such as, Sir Roscoe, Eddie Portillo, and Shawn Cruda just to name a few.

Any notable events coming up? What does a show like Made In LA mean to you?

Right now the scene in LA is probably the best it’s ever been. There are so many dope crews in LA with mention to Madhouse, Street Soundz, Minimal Effort, Minimal Sessions, Temple to name just a few. It’s so awesome seeing all these really talented and driven people put together their events and bring some of the best talent from around the world to LA. Made in LA to me is homage to the talent and scene that we have here in LA. It’s so great that LA gets so many good acts from all ends of the earth, but this event is focused on the home grown talent; giving all of us a platform to connect with one another. we have our own vision and goals but all of us in LA can come together and collaborate on something amazing.

What has been the most difficult part in transitioning to throwing your own parties?

The hardest part has been finding the right venues that I feel fit the vibe I am seeking. There are plenty of good venues in Los Angeles, but not all fit the raw underground vibe that I am looking for. It is partly due to a lot of the controversy in the scene lately and due to that a lot of venues are trying to distance themselves from the scene.

Do you have plans to start producing?

I actually have a few projects in the pipeline right now. It’s taken a back seat to all my event planning and I don’t want jump the gun at the moment until I’m ready to unveil what I have in store. I’ll keep you posted!

What changes would you like to see within the scene?

Really, there’s nothing I would want to change about the scene. It’s the world that I feel needs changing, and I’m trying to do my part by using the scene as a pivot point or a platform. With the risk of sounding corny, we could all do with a bit of happiness, love, and peace from one another and I do not see this anywhere more than I do within the scene.

To end the interview on a lighter note, would you rather fight a hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

A hundred duck sized horses, of course.

Make sure to check out his Soundcloud below!

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