[Behind The Beat] Party Nails & Getter Create Something Beautiful with “Solo”

[Behind The Beat] Party Nails & Getter Create Something Beautiful with “Solo”

Getter made, in my opinion, one of the best songs of all time. From his interpretation of underground rap, EDM and solid dubstep, Getter has been expanding his musical reach long before his announcement of the departure of EDM but he left his mark with Party Nails. They Both created Something Beautiful with “Solo” and I can’t seem to get over it.

Exclusive Mini-Interview With Party Nails

Party Nails is not only a singer. She is a visionary, a creative and a kind-hearted soul. From New York, she is redefining her sound and is experimental in nature. She’s released her EP Come Again earlier this year and is heavily involved in Beats By Girlz, which is a creative and educational music technology curriculum for young women to obtain tools for the music industry.


Photo by Naz Massaro

What was it like collaborating with Getter on Solo? Tell us more about that.

I wrote two songs over two tracks of his. Solo was one of them. The two tracks were very different from each other.

Over the course of a few studio sessions by myself, I got in the zone as far as the vibe of the tracks, Getter’s vibe, what was going on in my brain. I started playing with the words “so low” and “solo” and really liked the play on meaning, and also just the way they felt to sing! I had that part and knew I liked it, but it wasn’t until I figured out how I liked to sing the first two lines of the chorus bit (when you touch my heart / when you smile my eyes) that the song really started to feel right. After he heard what I wrote, Getter actually put it on yet another track! So the music you hear is not what I wrote to. I love it.

What do you want your fans to take from the lyrics of “Solo?”

The verses (hit me up cause we’re going downtown/pack in the back and we turn up now) feel like a party song. The hook is when it goes from party night to true friendship and love (I will hold you if you’re feeling so low / I will meet you if you’re rolling solo).
I hope that it feels comforting to hear a song that is about love and support but still feels fun like a party song. I also hope people feel empowered to be a source of strength for other people when they need it.

Do you see yourself doing an EDM crossover in the near future?

I really love collaborating with all kinds of music artists. I would love to do more stuff like what I did with Getter, but I’m not sure I could stick to EDM and nothing else! I’m working on an album now, and as of now there is a strong dance influence but I wouldn’t call it EDM by any stretch. But never say never, right?

Track Review: Getter and Party Nails Create a Masterpiece “Solo”

With “Solo”, for me personally ignited something inside of me that I haven’t felt since Ultra Miami this year. Granted, it was my first Ultra amongst some of the best people I know. And also, it was the first time I experienced Getter. And when he dropped “Solo”, it was the most beautiful thing that I could fathom.

For a song of such beauty, it is a song I’ve listened to on repeat. It’s a song that encourages embracing the moment, being with your friends and vibing to the ways of life. The way Party Nails uses her voice in evoking that emotion and that’s what was captivating. “Solo” is one of those songs that you listen to and you know that EVERYTHING and anything will be okay. You just have to live in the moment. It shows you that there are artists that can make you feel everything at once and give you that hope in a time of doubt.

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