[Behind The Beat] Redefining Sound With JackEL

[Behind The Beat] Redefining Sound With JackEL

JackEL is a DJ/Producer way before his time. From Alberta, Canada, JackEL has been producing music ever since he was 14. At the age of 15, the young JackEL collaborated with well-known rapper, MIMS. Not stopping there, JackEL is completely redefining what it is to be an artist. With his own label FVYDID, he’s dividing and conquering his brand and sound. At 21 years old, he’s collaborated with DJ Paul, BRB, Mims, Jessie J, Wiz Khalifa just to name a few. His mixture of graphics and his music amplifies his brand. He’s here with us today with some knowledge. Give it up for JackEL!

Behind The Beat: Redefining Sound With JackEL

Starting out in the industry, what is one piece of advice you tell emerging producers below you?

I don’t really look at people as being “below me”. I have many producer friends of all levels, some of my best producer friends just do it as a hobby, and some low quality sounding producers work in the industry for celebrity artists. It all depends on who you know.
Some advice would be to figure out what your goals are in production and clearly define them so you don’t get lost. I’ve had great teammates who’ve made me the artist I am today, by encouraging my strengths. Focus on what you’re good at and don’t try to force things.

What was your favorite collaboration and if you could do one thing differently, what would it be and why?

I’ve worked with many great artists, being in the studio with Wiz Khalifa, or MIMS, or meeting up with Dizzy Wright to do official remixes. I’m always having fun in the studio. RV3RS I just released our official music video for our latest collaboration ROOTZ featuring General Jah Mikey. That was a fun music video and song to work on.

It’s hard to imagine changing the past, my present is such a nirvana. One time, I was in DJ Paul (Three Six Mafia’s) home studio, and I accidentally asked him what happened to his arm, I thought it was broken, but either way It was awkward because it was just a natural disability, and I’d go back and not say that because maybe it would have changed the outcome of the songs we worked on.

When did you fall in love with EDM and how did that shape the way you view music?

When I was in junior high, I loved Deadmau5, I met him in Edmonton, AB my hometown and it was one of those moments where I saw my idol at the time and it solidified that idolization. And I also figured out about who Skrillex was and his music that day I met Deadmau5. I’d go on Limewire and downloaded every RAVE song I could find. I bought myself turntables when I was 14 and that’s when I really fell in love with dance music as a whole. Also, I think being educated on all the styles of music is important if you’re a serious music producer. My sound has an EDM feel but I also draw inspirations for other genres.

Music, FVYDID and Touring with JackEL


If you could create a super genre with your music and one other artist sound, what would it be and why?

This is why I founded FVYDID the record label so we could have the FVYDID sound, girl friendly EDM.We make music for girls to enjoy because they’re our biggest fans. We create Pop EDM that can be enjoyed by a mass audience. You can always expect to hear good bass, good melodies, and energy in our music.

What was one of your favorite tracks you’ve produced and why?

One of my favorite projects was my Breathe Easy EP that I produced in Jamaica with some friends. It has Grammy Winning Skip Martin on each song. I was humbled to work with Skip, and the collaboration started when Skip heard my music in Studio A and I was working in Studio B and he called me into his room to tell me he liked my work. He told me he was only in town for a few days before he had to go back to Japan and he wanted to work on some songs together. I showed him like 6 songs and he recorded on all 6 of them in 1 day. I took his work and edited it and created Breathe Easy out of it. Was a very organic project that had a lot of love involved.

Favorite drink on the road?

My favorite drink is Ripple Pea Milk, preferably Vanilla or Chocolate. You can only buy it at Whole Foods, but it’s 100% vegan and tastes bomb a f.

JackELYour Instagram is very vibrant, what’s posted on your Instagram, how does that define JackEL?

Thank you, I see the value in social media and I post photos of myself doing what I love (with my shades on). I’m in the studio, or on stage, or just doing some photoshoots.
I prefer not spending time on the internet because my hands get sweaty and the screen gets glitchy from being so FVYDID off ganja. But I do want fans to see generally who I am off 5 seconds of looking. Like “Oh he’s a DJ”. I want that comment. I see some people on Instagram with 150k+ followers and I don’t even know what they do..

What’s your favorite part about touring and meeting your fans?

I love touring and I also enjoy meeting my fans in real life. My favorite part is seeing the world and learning new things. Improving myself, and my show so the viewer has the best experience. As a DJ of the night, I am responsible for the whole vibe, the whole sound, and the whole experience. I take 100% accountability if an attendee has a good time or not. People are the weirdest things, everyone is so different and we all have unique thoughts, so meeting new people and just being present in the moment is always enjoyable on tour. I also really enjoy nice clubs with big sound systems so the music sounds awesome. I just want to play my music as loud as possible all the time.

What’s the most discouraging thing that has happened to you whether producing music or playing a show?

The thing is I don’t need encouragement to do what I do. Everyday life just happens, and my life is music. Every day, I make music and I grow as JackEL and work hard on FVYDID. Things the universe throws at me affect me but never my drive to make music. It’s inside of me. I’ve played for events with 0 people in the club but I still went as hard as if it were a festival with 100,000 people.

What’s your favorite food that inspires you to make music when you have a creative block? 

Shoutout to Vegas for being such a hot spot on high-quality dank food. I mean we have The Mint Indian Bistro, you’ll find me at there Lunch Buffet. Almi’s Kitchen (Ethiopian food) one of my favorites. Bowlology is my favorite breakfast it’s just acacia or pataya fruit bowls. Vegeway fast-food vegan burgers, Vegenation is awesome, VegeHouse is right by my house, shout out to chef Kenny, Violets Vegan is even closer and has amazing delicious options. All these places are plant-based which makes me feel good mentally, physically and it creates the best music.

What can you tell us about your new releases coming out? Upcoming tour?

I just released my latest single Move with Skip Martin and I have Remixes of it officially coming out soon. I’ve got hundreds of songs sitting around I’m not exactly sure when they’re all going to be dropping, but follow my artist pages on Soundcloud, Spotify to see when they drop first. I put a lot of time into every song and you can hear it. I’m stoked to be one of the official Judges and also be headlining on the MainStage of Las Vegas Hemp Festival coming up Nov 11th. This will be the second year for me performing there, and that’s going to start my up and coming to FVYDID Tour which has a couple other talented artists.

What’s one thing that is your least favorite about producing?

I think it may be hurting my ears and may lead to a decrease in hearing abilities, but sometimes you have to sacrifice things in life. I am so thankful to be able to produce, and I utilize these gifts I have. Every time I get into the studio, it’s a new experience working on new songs. Sometimes, the music gets a little repetitive when repeating it for the 1000th time to ensure the Kicks sound nice.

Who would you like to thank today?

Thanks Alexiah for interviewing me, and Mix247edm for having me. I want to thank all the people who support me in life and thank you CANADA for being so great.
Don’t forget to follow me on all socials @officialJackEL.

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