[Behind The Beat] Riddim Rick Vibes Featuring WubSakk

[Behind The Beat] Riddim Rick Vibes Featuring WubSakk

Every artist one time or another has sampled a portion of Rick and Morty. The critically acclaimed show has been . a staple of EDM memes, remixes made famous by Midnight T and other artists. It flawlessly incorporates dubstep and riddim. But one of my favorite things about the dubstep genre is that it’s interpreted differently. Not one artist is the same when perfecting their craft. One producer that completely exceeded my expectations of any Rick and Morty remix is WubSakk on his single Riddim Rick. Get ready to Feel the filthy riddim with Wubsakk and his track” Riddim Rick

Meet Dubstep/Riddim producer WubSakk

From Salt Lake City, Utah, WubSakk brings his own interpretation of riddim/dubstep to the table, especially in Riddim Rick. Riddim Rick is the vibe. When I first heard Riddim Rick, this was my reaction.

The vocals are what stood out to me and then, the aftermath of that is what made me repeat it on SoundCloud. He’s blending the Riddim feel alongside with Dubstep. Which by the way, if you didn’t know, they’re not the same thing. WubSakk is here with us today in a Mix247edm exclusive!

So how did you come up with the name WubSakk?

The name WubSakk originated from making Wubs.

 I like the name WubSakk. Sounds like an extraterrestrial alien dubstep dude who makes dubstep. What makes WubSakk, WubSakk?

I like to think that WubSakk is different from other Dubstep artists because that’s exactly what I go for in the sounds of my bass, Different. I don’t want anything that sounds like anyone, and if it does, I’ll make it again and again until it comes out more unique.

When producing, what is the first thing you really think about to make it distinguishable?

The bass line is a really important factor in making dubstep when it comes to making something distinguishable, but ultimately i would say its the filthiness of the bass that makes people recognize my music aside from others.

When did you fall in love with making Dubstep?

I fell in love with making Dubstep since I got way to stoned one night and open up my DAW and started messing around with Serum. I made this dirty noise, and it spoke to me in a way.

What do you want people to take away from your style?

I want people to finish a track thinking, “now that was just downright dirty.” I want my listeners to be able to bump my tunes at a party, yet still, break their neck in the middle of a mosh pit.


What’s one of the hardest things about producing dubstep?

One of the hardest things about producing dubstep is making something completely unique. There are many dubstep artists and they all have their own little flair to their craft. The tricky part is finding your own little “flare” that makes you stand out from the rest.

Any new releases we should check out?

The newest release I have is “Elefante (ft. Radius)” and this dude killed it on his verses, definitely a track to peep. Also, I recently released a remix of some Rick And Morty called “Riddim Rick”, definitely should peep that as well.

Check out Riddim Rick belong alongside with following WubSakk on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud