Behind The Beat: Scotty Cruz Driving Dubstep in the South

Behind The Beat: Scotty Cruz Driving Dubstep in the South

Scotty Cruz, born Scotty Villanueva, may be from the South—more precisely the Lone Star State. Many of us know that Texas is home to many country singers; however, although Scotty Cruz currently resides in the state’s capital, let’s say instead of donning a guitar and a cowboy hat you can find him with a wireless midi in hand while whipping his long hair as he explores and creates music. In his first artist interview, he explains what first got him into the music scene, his influences, creative insight to one of his latest tracks and what to expect in the near future.

Scotty Cruz

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At only 24 years young, Scotty Cruz’s musical journey first began when he started dabbling in the

DJ scene as he was finishing his undergrad and has quickly picked up music production in the last few years.  His love of music—specifically dubstep— quickly escalated after his first show in 2011 featuring Skrillex, 12th Planet and Foreign Beggars. Shortly after graduation, he decided to set off to learn the art at Dubspot in Hollywood (California).

With so many sub-genres, dubstep’s (a subgenre of drum & bass) wobbles, wubs, drops, glitches, etc. open the door for creativity and experimentation each musician adding their signature to the genre. “I’ve wanted to make all the sub-genres of dubstep from machine gun fire to wobbly riddim,” explained Scotty. “I love the combination of rappers and riddim synth work over a fat 808 beat and I think it’ll soon be very popular.” Scotty’s sound has evolved over time, and it hasn’t been until recently that he feels he’s honed in on his sound and abilities. “I want my music to encompass the entire frequency that’s, of course, centered [on] the bassline. Almost all of my work so far has been at 140-145bpm…which is essential for the ‘step’ in bass genres.”

He recently remixed bass god Bassnectar’s ‘Cozza Frenzy’ (scroll down for a three- minute long eargasm). Most of the remix is Scotty’s own work, “I stumbled upon the ‘Cozza Frenzy’ acapella, which I use for my live set, [and] I just slapped it over the top and a remix was born,” said Scotty. “The beat and bassline just fit so well with the acapella I immediately started raging in my studio.”

Keep an eye out for this young, fresh-faced talent who has played several shows in the Austin and San Antonio area. He’ll be playing his first festival lineup this May at this year’s Shutter Vision, a three day camping music festival. We’ll be sure to share his upcoming track called ‘Reality Check,’ as well!

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