Behind the Beat: Soren Andrews Lightin’ Up the Trance

Behind the Beat: Soren Andrews Lightin’ Up the Trance

From trance and progressive to house and liquid drum & bass,  Soren Andrews has soothing sounds and beats in his wonderful mixes. Growing up in Roswell, New Mexico and now residing in Utah, he’s making his way up to the top! Find out more with this exclusive interview with Soren himself!

Mix 247 EDM: What inspired you to start making music?

Soren Andrews: Ever since I was a kid, I grew up on 80’s music such as The Cure and Metallica and I got into drumming. However, I wasn’t interested in DJ’ing until I went to college at Eastern New Mexico University. One day I was sitting in the computer lab and a trance tune popped up and I told myself that I wanted to do that!

Mix 247 EDM: After inspiration came to you in the computer lab, what was your first step to try to set that goal of being a DJ?

Soren Andrews: My parents were against the whole idea but my sister personally thought it was great. I just stumbled into the whole DJ’ing life because I thought it looked fun and it also looked like that it was something that I should be doing.

Mix 247 EDM: Did you ever take lessons, have mentors, or teach yourself?

Soren Andrews: At the beginning, I taught myself, but with my first official release in 2009, signed on with Elliptical Recordings in Chicago, there was another DJ that called himself DJ Menace that came out of New York. He’s a great guy that took me under his wing and he taught me everything from the basics and how to bold my sound. Also since 2012, a guy named Mark Sherry, who’s originally from Scotland, helped mold me into where I want to go now.

Mix 247 EDM: What was your first big gig as a DJ?

Soren Andrews: My first big gig was at Spinning Vision in Chicago, back in 2010! I love the music and the people in Chicago because it is so molded and defined. You get all these people who all love one genre within an entire city.

Mix 247 EDM: After your huge gig in Chicago, what led your career to Utah?

Soren Andrews: While being raised in Roswell, with a town of around 50,000 people, my brother was stationed out in the air force in Utah and he told me to come over and start DJ’ing in Utah. My first gig in Utah was at Area 51 in Downtown Salt Lake City. At the time there weren’t any monitors in the booth so I couldn’t hear myself mixing. From that point on to where I am now, I couldn’t have picked a better path!

Mix 247 EDM: I see that you have recently released a brand new track, “Pacific Coast Highway”, want to tell us all about it?

Soren Andrews: Yes! It all started when I took a trip to Oregon one time with my friends. Starting in Portland, we drove all the way down and stayed in this city called Bandon, which is four hours south of Portland. We then drove further south into Northern California to go see the Redwoods and the coastline and the forest that you drive through inspired me to write this track. This tune is a little softer than what I usually write but I was really encouraged to write something that made me come out of my comfort zone. It has a mixture of future house and progressive trance.

Mix 247 EDM: When you took that trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, what encouraged you to jump out of your comfort zone and create those sounds on your track?

Soren Andrews: I feel like it was all curiosity. I’m a super curious kind of guy so I don’t like to stick to one thing because I hate monogamy. I always have to have something new every day. There are so many tracks that you can put rolling baselines on and that made me want to do something different. I like deep house and techno so why not put them together?

Mix 247 EDM: When you were growing up, did you have any artists that you looked up to?

Soren Andrews: I never really looked up to a solid artist or DJ, but my first album that I owned was “Eiffel 65”. After that, I owned a CD called “Bedrock” by Johnny Digweed. That’s because I didn’t start DJ’ing until around 2009. I just fell into it!

Mix 247 EDM: What has been your favorite gig as a DJ?

Soren Andrews: Chicago Vision for sure!

Mix 247 EDM: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians/producers?

Soren Andrews: There is so much advice that you can give somebody but the basics would be to work hard! Put everything you can into your sound and develop who you are! It’s great to want to be the DJ’s that you like, but at the same time, you have to create your own sound.

Mix 247 EDM: What was your favorite TV show growing up?
Soren Andrews: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack! It came out on Cartoon Network when I was in high school and I related with the goofiness very well!

Check out his new track, “Pacific Coast Highway”

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