Behind The Beat: The Creative Space With Malifoo

Behind The Beat: The Creative Space With Malifoo

If you’re looking for some new tech house, Malifoo is the artist to watch. On January 12, Malifoo released a new track. This track titled “You” is a smooth listen with funky beats and soft vocals. “You” is rich with powerful percussion and other various groovy synth sounds. Get behind the creative space with Malifoo.

An Exclusive Interview with Malifoo

MalifooIn the past, he was a member of Lenx & Denx. This group performed at Tomorrowland Brasil and at various other places and clubs. Some of his favorite places include New York and Brazil.

Malifoo credits his inspiration for making music to other music he has listened to. He enjoys listening to artists such as 2pac and A Tribe Called Quest. He enjoys making music with other people who share his joy for creation.

“I love when everybody is having the same vision and the same creative space,” Malifoo said.

When producing music he likes to mix up house and groove to create a nice blend that brings life into people’s ears. For him, it’s as simple as spreading light and love.

“There’s a lot of hate in the world right now and all we need is a little bit of love,” Malifoo said.

He plans on releasing two more tracks with the music label Armanda soon. He currently has signed four tracks with that label. When people listen to his track “You” he wants people to think about how the music makes them feel. Malifoo wants to spread the same feelings he felt when creating this song.

Another song you can look out for is Talkbox.”

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. You can also find him on Soundcloud and Facebook. Take a listen to his new track “You” below.


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