[Behind the Beat] The Sweat Behind The Music Told By Mustache Sweat

[Behind the Beat] The Sweat Behind The Music Told By Mustache Sweat

This DJ just absolutely KILLS it in the desert!

Wolfgang Sven, aka Mustache Sweat, is a synth-pop enthusiast who has blown away many fans all over Phoenix, Arizona! He recently just played at the first annual Goldrush Festival at the Rawhide Western Town & Event Center down in Chandler south of Phoenix and my oh my, he is a name to look out for!

I had a blast hanging out with Wolfgang himself to talk about his passion for his beats and what is to come next in his music career!

How did you get started in the EDM world? 

DJ’ing in general, I’ve been doing it since high school. My uncle was a DJ – he taught my dad and my brother-in-law how to DJ, for example. Since about my sophomore year, I started playing around with my uncle’s stuff and then I finally got my own equipment. I didn’t really get into the club scene until just this last year.

What clubs have you been performing at?

Mostly at Monarch TheatreRelentless Beats had a competition there and my mix got in – I didn’t win the competition but they still put me in their phonebook. I’m eternally grateful for the Relentless Beats family – they’ve been treating me very nicely and I get along with all of the people there as well. They’re great people to work with! So they got me shows at the Monarch TheatreBar Smith, basically a lot of places in the Downtown Phoenix scene. I love downtown as well!

It seems like Phoenix is a big EDM city! 

Yes! It’s very much grown a lot in the past few years.

What specifically drew you into producing synth-pop?

So I’ve had a couple pseudonyms before I started Mustache Sweat and synth-pop is kind of like what I was raised on. For example, my uncle talked to me about the grandfathers of all electronic music, and he also showed me a lot of 80’s artists: Gary NumanDuran Duran, any type of new wave music is what my father raised me with. Then I started getting into French House, like when Daft Punk came around. Synth-pop comes more naturally to me but having my productions that have been sitting on my hard drive, I’ve been trying to do more filtered house. I enjoy more real instrumentalists when I spin and I’ll never be as good as them as an instrumentalist but I just do my best and work towards creating my own sound. The best way to do it is to have influences and try to learn from people, but in the end, it’s all about your sound. You are who you are!

Now that we’re talking about influences, who were your personal influences growing up? 

Daft Punk is the seed of it all! Today, a lot of it is French disco. I also enjoy Chromeo – basically, anything disco is how Mustache Sweat came to be! I also like to stretch it out

Why did you decide to name yourself ‘Mustache Sweat’? 

So Mustache Sweat has actually been my XBox username tag since 2005! I saw someone in 8th grade with a mustache and it was sweaty! So I kinda just fell back on it – I felt like it was such a random name as I could just do whatever I wanted! Using disco as my launch pad and going into the future, Mustache Sweat doesn’t really pin me down. For all I care, I could be dubstep under that name. It allows me to be myself and it kinda IS myself and it shows that I have a weird, quirky sense of humor.

I’ve noticed that Phoenix has a huge EDM crowd! How does it feel to be a producer in this city?

It’s nice that it’s grown so much so recently – the Arizona community has become more and more tight-knit. I’m honestly just stepping into it ever since last year so it might’ve already been close-knit before I came in, but it’s just really cool because there’s a lot of DJ’s that I have met here. I don’t necessarily listen to their music but I respect and support them in their endeavors 100%! Everybody else feels the same way about each other – electronic music in the past 10 years have branched off into all of these sub-genres and some people can hate those other sub-genres, but in the end, everybody’s got their own thing and you just gotta respect the grind that they’re putting in to!

I also saw that you once opened for Drezo back in February? How does it feel to play with such big inspirations?

It was great! It’s actually funny because I knew Drezo from a while ago because he’s from Arizona and I met him at a house party in Tempe a while ago. I already knew about him and I think he played lacrosse so all my high school buddies knew him from lacrosse. It was cool to see that circle form. I’m happy for him – he’s killing it and I wish him all the best!

Do you have any upcoming releases you would like the readers to know? 

I have a mix that I’ll be putting out. It’s technically sitting on SoundCloud right now just because I figured I would have a soft release for it. It’s just another 30-minute mix – I haven’t done one in a year so I took a lot of risks on this one. A lot of the mixes are kind of like hard mixes of other songs just because I’ll jump from 105 bpm to 122 as well. If I can’t mix it, I’ll just try to find something that sounds good back-to-back with each other. My goal is to show people new music. That goes to back to what Laidback Luke said. I’ll probably put it on my Instagram. I also have a lot of production backed up on my hard drive, but I’ve just been too afraid to release it!

What was the most embarrassing moment in your life? 

Crap, I’ve been embarrassed multiple times! All I can think of is when I was in 6th grade, I had a crush on this girl and I told one of my friends and then he sat right next to this girl in class and then to his other buddy, he was like ‘Hey, did you hear about Wolfgang and so-and-so?”. She heard and then the whole middle school gave me shit about it for the next month!

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