[Behind The Beat] Unlike Pluto Discusses Influences and His Love of the Dark

[Behind The Beat] Unlike Pluto Discusses Influences and His Love of the Dark

Musicians are compelled to DJ for many reasons, but talking with Unlike Pluto quickly reveals that he could never be compelled not to DJ.

Learning piano at an early age, Unlike Pluto, a.k.a. Armond Arabshahi, developed a passion for music that has only increased over time. His desire to make music led him to pick up several more instruments and play in several screamo/hardcore bands in high school. The independence of producing music by himself became too appealing to ignore, and he began to submit remixes to Hypemachine after his university classes. After successfully graduating with a degree in biology, Unlike Pluto started to pick up traction in the scene with his remix of Diplo‘s “Revolution.”

Fast-forward two years and he’s toured with Zed’s Dead and Seven Lions, released a slew of original tracks and started his own headlining Everything Black tour in North America. His career has just begun, but many agree that he’s definitely one to watch.

Unlike Pluto took a break from his hectic life and talked with Mix 247 EDM about his love of music, his idol Damon Albarn and how darker sounds are the most emotionally satisfying for him.

The Everything Black tour has just began, so there are still chances to see Unlike Pluto as he crosses the country. At the least, hop on over to his Soundcloud page and see for yourself why he’s on so many lists for artists to watch in 2017. With his musical prowess and passion, I don’t see anything getting in his way anytime soon.

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