[Behind the Beat] Wasted Penguinz on Euphoric Hardstyle and Upcoming Releases

[Behind the Beat] Wasted Penguinz on Euphoric Hardstyle and Upcoming Releases

Wasted Penguinz is well-known in the hardstyle scene for their fresh take on the genre — their tracks are uplifting and melancholic, and this sets them apart from big names like Headhunterz, Brennan Heart, and The Prophet. Read on to learn how their music came to be, their dream collaboration, and more!


So how has 2017 been for you so far?

2017 has been really good so far. We released our latest album at the end of 2016, so we’ve been travelling doing shows promoting the album.

What does a typical day for Wasted Penguinz look like?

Hmm… Waking up at some random time because our body clocks are next gen f*cked, haha. Maybe have some breakfast, take the dog out then start our day, go to the studio, play video games, have some beers & chill, hang out with friends, go out for dinners. Every day differs but that’s the basics, hah.

Why did you choose to do euphoric hardstyle over other genres?

Music is a way for us to express ourselves and the way we feel. We love the power that music has and the way it can help people. We’re always writing music from our personal experiences and what we’re going through in life and how we feel inside. What comes out is very melancholic material and euphoric material — the way a vocal or a sentence can make you feel, or the way a melody can make you feel, etc.

Have you thought about doing any other genres?

We’re always doing some random stuff on the side. We listen to all kinds of music. If the track is good it’s good, doesn’t matter what genre.

Who or what inspires you?

Life experiences, nature, travelling, love, people.

Do you have a process or any rituals you go through when you create music in the studio or prep for a show?

No ritual, just go with it. As for shows it depends on what kind of show it is. Sometimes we might plan ahead, but usually we just go there and feel the vibe and the people and go from there.

You use vocals in your tracks more than other hardstyle artists. How do you choose an artist to collaborate with on your songs? Any qualities you look for in particular?

Female or male, depending on the track and what we want for it. We look for someone that gives us that feeling when you just know it will fit perfect for that specific track.

Did you draw on any influences or inspiration for the creation of your latest album, Clarity?

Clarity resembles having more clarity in life compared to a few years back. We know what we want now. It’s about growing up and learning from your past mistakes.

If you could choose any musical artist to collaborate with — from any genre or time period — who would it be?

Hans Zimmer.

What advice would you give to any producers trying to break into the scene?

Stick with it. Consistency is key. Never give up. You have to spend day and night in the studio in the beginning if you really wanna get somewhere, especially with today’s competition.

Any news or projects your fans can look forward to in the next couple of months?

Right now we’re working on a new solo track and also some collabs that will be released in a few months.

Any last words for our readers?

We love penguinz.


Wasted Penguinz’s latest album, Clarity, was released in 2016. Take a listen to the whole album on their Soundcloud:


For more information on the lively hardstyle duo, visit their website here.

Featured image courtesy of Wasted Penguinz

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