Behind The Beat: DJ T|K “I Take People From Their Heads and Put Them in Their Bodies”

Behind The Beat: DJ T|K “I Take People From Their Heads and Put Them in Their Bodies”

DJ T|K is the life of the party. From being raised in a family who knows how to party, Waldemar became the life of the part. In this, his love for music was born loving house/techno. Starting out as a promoter and dancer for XF Productions, DJ T|K emerged. His passion lies with mastering his talent and counter reacting to their energy, ensuring they are always upbeat and feeling one with the music. Playing along side artists such as Steve Aoki, playing Pacha in NYC, co-owner of Litlife LLC and recently booked for Ultra, here’s what you have to know about DJ T|K.

Getting to know DJ T|K

Who is your biggest inspiration?The major inspiration for me is definitely my son. Everything I do in my life is for him. To wake up every day and say “Daddy your my favorite DJ!” brings a smile to me every day. Inspiration wise through production is very simple. Everyone! Every DJ, every producer is an inspiration. Because every single person has a different style. Whether it’s their way of producing, MCing or overall sound . Everyday life is an inspiration as well. Just waking up in the morning is a great start. I look at the world completely differently. I get inspired by the smallest of things and I love it.”

It’s a Cut throat Industry

What keeps you hungry in the industry? “I’m always hungry in this industry. If one’s not hungry, one’s not going to eat. The fact is that it’s a cut throat industry. Despite it being so cut throat and I’m still here is a great accomplishment for me. My goal is that I make sure that I have the best bangers, remixes and producing. I love it when people watch me mix and I throw a throwback in the mix.”I heard that song 10 years ago and he just dropped some heat with it.” I like seeing that reaction on peoples faces.”

“It’s dog eat dog world out there. If you don’t eat, you don’t play .That’s why I’m always hungry in this industry. You eat ,sleep and repeat to make it anywhere. You’ll just be another raver with a DJ dream if you don’t.”

Things you’ve picked up in the industry? “Well for starters, never take a gig off a promoter 9/10 times. You either are not going to play or your going to play in a room of 10 people. Also, that not everyone is very trust worthy. All in all, I learned what family actually means. It means that you have people coming out from God knows.”

“We’re here to have a peaceful time and love one another. In the rave comminuty, it’s incredible how much love is there. You won’t know a person from a hole in a wall and they will give you the shirt off there back. Peace love unity and respect. Those words alone, I never knew the true definition of the meaning. It was until I started in this industry. Trust me, you will see a lot of DJ T|K soon so be prepared to escape your mind and go in your body.”

For more about DJ T|K, here’s an exclusive interview below!

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