[Behind The Beat] Kickin in With Ray Volpe

[Behind The Beat] Kickin in With Ray Volpe

When I walked into the door at Terminal 5, all I was looking forward to was Borgore. That instantly changed. When Ray Volpe took the stage, that’s when I knew the night kicked off on the right foot.

Ray Volpe is a visionary. Effortlessly perfecting his music and style, he is one of the youngest bass Djs in the game. He has major support of names such as Dillon Francis, Getter, Flosstradamus, Excision, Porter Robinson just to name a few. His personality along with his music is a force to be reckoned with. Ray Volpe is one of the most chill unique producer/DJ in the game. Filled with exuberant energy, humor, and an array of talent, it’s an honor for him to be with us today at Mix247EDM!

Behind the Beat With Ray Volpe

Thank you for taking the time to interview with us! How are you doing? OH BOY, I’m doing pretty damn well thank you. Just been sleeping a lot now that I’m back home for a bit. 

Where’s one place you’d like to perform in the world? Definitely Australia. They go so hard as heck over there, I hope to make the jump sooner than later. But I also really want to do something at Red Rocks someday. 

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If you had to choose one set to turn up to for the rest of your life, what would it be? That’s such a hard question, I rarely listen to sets these days. I’ve low-key been jamming to the homies’ Boombox Cartel’s Ultra Miami 2017 set lately though.

Behind The Beat With Ray Volpe

Photo Courtesy of Klint Johnson

You have such a bubbly personality and your humor is lit. were you always like that? I’m blushing thank you. I’ve definitely always been this way to my friends and family. I don’t really have any social anxiety issues, but I did have issues being myself in public. I cared too much about what people thought of me and it definitely made me be a bit sheltered with my online personality, at least until I signed with SLVYVLL and Klint (my manager) helped me really just say f*ck it and start being myself towards everyone. And now here we are. 



When did you start getting into music and producing? Back in 2010! I was editing Call of Duty gaming montages (f**king nerd points right?) and I used to use metal/post-hardcore songs as well as dubstep/electro house. One day I was with my friend from school and we decided to f*ck around and started making music in FL Studio. He quickly got out of it while I moved to Ableton and kept going. 7.5 years later and I’ve become a musical god. 

Oh god wait, please sense the text-sarcasm readers, I’m actually really self-conscious, it was a joke. 

Producing/Touring With Ray Volpe

If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing? Probably something within film production/graphic design. Those were two huge passions of mine before getting heavily involved with music. 

What is one thing you live by? Sleep, eat, chicken nuggets, repeat. That, and if we wanna get serious, I don’t do drugs nor smoke nor drink. Just not for me. All for legalizing weed and such, but I’m a sober dubstep boy.


What was it like remixing “Ritual” By Marshmello? I remember you dropped It when you were at Terminal 5 touring with Borgore! Terminal 5 was so sick! Love that venue. It was a lot of fun to do that remix. He randomly dropped me a DM asking if I wanted to and there wasn’t a scenario where I’d be like “yeah hey EDM SuperStar! No thanks haha :)” – Jokes aside, I really enjoyed the original song. People can say what they want but that guy makes some catchy tunes. Huge shout out to him for being so supportive of my music. 


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An ideal collaboration that is your goal for next year? This is so difficult haha. I am really hard to work with when it comes to collaborations, but if I had to just pick anyone, it’d probably be Zomboy or MUST DIE! or someone like that. They really push the envelope in bass music.

What would you say about traveling/touring? What is your favorite part? I used to have major flying anxiety, but that’s pretty much gone now. I love traveling and playing shows. It’s so much fun meeting all these new people every day. I love seeing the difference in reactions from certain songs too, there will be times where I’ll play something super popular and no one will know it, and sometimes they’ll be singing their hearts out to it. It gets pretty lonely though, any touring DJ can definitely relate to that. 

Behind The Beat With Ray Volpe

Photo Courtesy Of Klint Johnson

What’s it like being friends with Getter? Does anyone else notice how much he looks like Terror Reid?

You both are very innovative artists, what was it like collaborating on the mix Get It All?It was surprisingly easy! It worked out really well actually. He had the intro for his remix done and when GTA reached out to have me do one too, I was actually with Tanner, and it just kinda worked out to just collab on one remix. I started the drop and then he went in and did some stuff and did the B-section and back and forth. It was really organic, and pretty quick too. 

Who’d you like to thank today? Oh no, this is too much pressure if this was in person I’d pull my mic off and storm off…but since I can’t I’ll thank my parents for being supportive after I dropped out of high school (which was probably dumb but here we are) and a huge shout out to Klint, Adam, Steven, and the whole SLVYVLL team for being my family. 

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