Behind the Beat: Worthy Talks Past and Future

Behind the Beat: Worthy Talks Past and Future

Sean Worthington Williams, a.k.a. Worthy, is an Oakland-based house producer whose long career as a DJ is a testament to his evolving sound. To survive in the volatile music industry, especially the EDM scene, you can’t rely on purely spinning good tracks. You need a sensibility that Worthy has cultivated over years of playing various styles of shows, whether it’s in the biggest amphitheaters or at a sunset-lit beach party.

Worthy‘s special blend of house is accentuated by his in-depth knowledge of production and mixing. His shows effortlessly combine contrasting styles as Worthy creates a distinct sonic environment to please the crowd. Being a professional DJ for over a decade has given him the skillset to react accordingly to the crowd’s emotions, propelling the eager dancers to an almost euphoric level.

After releasing a couple of EPs and singles in 2016, Mix 247 EDM was excited to chat with Worthy and learn about his upcoming projects. His One-one-One tour stopped in Denver, Colorado, where Alex Geis and Worthy discussed musical influences, DJ philosophy and what the future holds.

Worthy has even been conducting interviews himself with all the guests on his One-on-One tour, which you can watch here.

Check out the Mix 247 EDM interview below, and find out more about Worthy on his website.

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