Some Of The Best Sets From Coachella That You May Not Have Heard Of

Some Of The Best Sets From Coachella That You May Not Have Heard Of

After having attended Coachella previously, among numerous other raves and concerts, my own personal interests have deviated greatly from the “Mainstream” and gravitated more towards the deeper, darker side of house music. Heading towards Coachella on Friday, I already had a plan to check out the artists in the Yuma tent and the Do Lab in addition to the huge artists that drew in Coachella’s 99,000 guests in attendance.

This weekend proved one for the books. The talent that Goldenvoice booked at every single stage proved nothing less than spectacular. Now we all know that artists like Disclosure, Jack U, Ice Cube, and Guns N Roses were going to deliver sets to be remembered. But what about all of the other sets that didn’t occur at the Coachella, Outdoor and Sahara stages? To be completely honest, what drew my excitement to this year’s lineup was not the names in huge print at the top of the flier; but rather, the lesser known djs found in the middle or even bottom of the printed lineup, and the techno kings and queens that are known throughout Europe. Those were the names that piqued my interest.

While many spent a majority of their time at those massive stages, surrounded by huge crowds, I was traversing between the Do Lab stage and the Yuma tent most of my weekend.
Let’s go over my top 5 favorite sets from this weekend that one might not have had a chance to experience at those larger outdoor stages.

5. Londonbridge
Londonbridge played at the Heineken House on Saturday from 1:15 PM to 2:30 PM. Well known to some in Los Angeles for his residency at the weekly Space Yacht party in Hollywood every Tuesday, Londonbridge threw down quite the hard G House set that early Saturday afternoon. I made it to his set halfway in, after catching Amine Edge and Dance, and wished that I had caught more. The energy in the room was quite palpable. As one of the first sets of the day, an artist has to really throw down to get the crowd that riled up that early. Check out his “Diddy’s House EP” below:

4. Bedouin
I wandered into Bedouin’s set purely by chance on Sunday. His set was from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM at the Do Lab. I was leaving Thomas Jack’s set with my friend, about to head to Yuma, when I heard some really groovy beats coming from the Do Lab. That seemed to be the trend of the weekend (well besides the necessary tribute Prince tracks). Every time I walked by the Do Lab, I couldn’t help but stop by to check out the craziness that was going on there.
Bedouin is a local artist from Los Angeles. His set ranged from the mystical drum beats that enchanted the crowd to haunting guitar strums with heavy beat drops. The crowd lost it when he played a remix of “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane. Check out a set from Burning Man below:

3. Ardalan
A Dirty Bird DJ, Ardalan played at the Do Lab on Saturday from 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM. I first managed to catch his set at Justin Martin’s “Hello Clouds” Release Party at Sound earlier on Wednesday. True to the Dirty Bird style, Ardalan’s set featured upbeat bass riddled tracks that made one want to get up and dance. Ardalan is currently on his “Ardalan’s Thunder” Tour, so make sure if he’s coming to play at a city near you! Check out his set from last year’s Dirty Bird Campout below:

2. Justin Martin
A more well known name, Justin Martin played at the Yuma tent on Saturday from 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM. Another member of the infamous Dirty Bird squad, Justin Martin just recently released his “Hello Clouds” album this past Wednesday, and celebrated it the good old Justin Martin style with pizzas galore at Sound Nightclub. One of the Dirty Bird OG’s, Justin Martin shook down the house at Yuma that night. When he dropped his collab with Ardalan, “Function”, the audience could not hold back their excitement. If you haven’t heard it yet check it out below:

1. Autograf
Autograph played on Friday at the Do Lab from 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM. To be quite honest, they were probably one of my own personal favorites of the entire weekend. The good vibes at the Do Lab could not have been any more apparent. People were grooving, the music was flowing, and bubbles just drifted by everyone in the air. Their combination of tropical/deep house tunes completely enthralled the crowd. The crowd cheered many times, as Autograf played hit after hit from their multiple albums amidst the gorgeous sunset. Check out their “Future Soup” EP below:

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