Some Of My Favorite Sets From Woogie Weekend

Some Of My Favorite Sets From Woogie Weekend

Woogie Weekend has officially ended. The withdrawals have dissipated, and all that’s left is our recollections from one amazing weekend put on by the Do Lab. First of all, I just want to say thank you again to the Do Lab and all of the artists for creating one awesome experience. From the moment we all arrived, to the last minutes of driving off that dirt trail, Woogie Weekend was definitely one for the books. Lets sit back and revisit some of my own personal favorite sets from over the weekend.

After setting up our campsite and settling in, my group and I finally ventured into the festival grounds to catch Blond:ish. I could already tell from the beginning, the type of weekend that was about to unfold. Beautiful melodies perfectly timed to tribal beats mesmerized the attendees. Completely enraptured within the grasp of their music, my friends and I stayed for the entire duration of their two hour set at the Kaleidoscope stage. Closing out Friday night at The Hive, Damian Lazarus delivered one heavy hitting set. Initially starting off slowly, he drew the crowd deeper and deeper into his domain with each carefully curated track. By the end of the night, the crowd moved as one, in synchronicity with each beat. After Woogie officially ended on Friday and Saturday nights, the official hosted afterparties began, with major artists coming from Subtract, Woogie Gets Deep, Favela Bar, and Respect. On top of that, parties would spring up all throughout the camp site, so the party never ended until 6 AM. As a big fan of Doc Martin, I dragged two of my friends to the Dusk after party stage (where they would also hold morning and sunset yoga). There, his b2b set with Marques Wyatt completely duped my legs into tearing it up all the way until 4 AM. Doc Martin and Marques Wyatt threw down an insane house set for a crowd that responded back with such an amazing energy. Smiles all around, bodies bouncing to the beats. What a way to end the first night.

Saturday we got an even earlier start, catching the very first set of the day at Kaleidoscope: FDVM. It’s probably better if you get to see it for yourself:

So glad I got the opportunity to interview them (Go check it out if you haven’t already). Saturday, 5 PM. at Woogie Weekend Eli and Fur dominated that dance floor. You just could not keep your body from dancing to that unrelenting bass. I barely took any videos throughout this weekend because I was honestly just constantly dancing to the amazing music delivered to us from every single artist. But if you feel like grooving in your seat while you’re reading this wherever you are, you can listen to Eli and Fur’s Mixmag Lab LA set from back in January here. Once 7PM rolled around, the masses gathered to bear witness to the magic that was about to be set loose by Claptone. For those that have seen Claptone, you can already begin to imagine the soulful, bouncy beats that ensued. For those that haven’t yet, think disco funk, with gorgeous and bewitching lyrics backed by bumping drumline drops.  My own personal favorite is his remix of Gregory Porter’s “Liquid Spirit”.

His signature golden mask with a beaked nose and white gloves hypnotized the audience; as his fingers controlled the mixer, each person in the crowd responded in kind, dancing within the musical realm that enveloped us all.

Sunday at Woogie Weekend eventually rolled around, I ventured solo to The Hive to go and catch Lee Reynolds. Just be aware everyone, that I’m running on probably only three hours of sleep after dancing for quite possibly 10-12 hours the day before, and not including all the madness from Friday. Yet somehow, I got drawn deeper and deeper into the dance floor, until I finally found myself bobbing and weaving right in front of the stage, people already dancing on top of the speakers. Good vibes surrounded everyone, amidst the mutual love shared for the music and also for one another. Sunday was also the day that I interviewed Kidnap Kid. (The interview went amazing by the way, and will be available to listen to/stream soon, so stay tuned!) Even if I may have the bias of interacting with the artist previously, I still attest to the set that Matt laid down onto the crowd. That set of his will is definitely my favorite out of all the ones I’ve heard him play, and could quite possibly remain so for some time. And to top it all off, getting the opportunity to join him on stage, and capture this moment:

On a side note, Kidnap Kid will be playing this Friday, the 22nd, at Outspoken in Hollywood for all those who missed out, or just can not wait to see him again. I closed my weekend off at The Hive with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. His live set demolished whatever remnants of energy that my body had left. Towards the end of his set, I was dancing with my eyes closed, because they were just too damn heavy to keep up. But I couldn’t stop moving my legs. T.E.E.D. really brought the heat. And just like that, the festival ended. A perfect way to close out a perfect weekend.

Again, I can’t stress enough the positivity and radiance of just overall good-will that encompassed this event. I’m definitely sold on any Do Lab event in the future, honored to have been a part of Woogie Weekend, and can not wait until we all step onto the same dance floor again together.