Beth’s Picks For Your EDM Playlist

Beth’s Picks For Your EDM Playlist

Are you looking for some new music to listen to? Let me help by giving you my top ten EDM playlist picks that I think you should listen to right now.

1.Make Me Fade by K.Flay

This song’s music and vocals will draw you in. The main beat and chorus sound awesome. K.Flay can be described as alternative hip-hop and trap. K.Flay creates her own music and sings in her songs.

2. Hypnotic (Vanic Remix)  by Zella Day

I personally am a big fan of Vanic Remixes. This is one of my favorite ones. Hypnotic sounds and describes the way some people can make us feel. Hypnotic’s catchy sound will make you keep hitting repeat.

3. Trndsttr (Lucian Remix) feat. M. Maggie by Black Coast

“Fire when the strobe hits you,” perfectly describes how this song feels when the beat hits you. Trndsttr’s catchy sound will draw you in. This chill tune is a great start to any day.

4. Roses by The Chainsmokers

This is the song that got me into The Chainsmokers. Though it is not one of their top tracks like Closer or Don’t Let Me Down, it is my favorite. Roses delivers great sound all around. From the various sounds to the vocals, Roses will not disappoint.

5. Mind Tricks ft. G Jones by Bassnectar

Bassnectar’s dubstep track Mind Tricks plays some pretty sick beats. The song delivers various buildups within the beat. Mind Tricks will make anyone feel hyped up.

6. Limelight feat. R O Z E S by Just A Gent

Limelight delivers an energetic feel that will wake you up. The energy in the main chorus really draws listeners into the song. Each time the chorus hits there is an explosion of sound. Check it out.

7. Blackout by Breathe Carolina

This is one of my old favorites. Blackout was released in 2011. This song delivers an electro-pop feel with great vocals. Give this song before going out. It will get you in the mood you want to be in before having some fun.

8. Light by San Holo

I really enjoy San Holo’s music. Light is one of those catchy tracks that contains a bunch of beautifully strung together sounds and melodies. This song’s variations of sounds flow together very smoothly

9. Colors (Audien Remix) by Halsey

Halsey’s entire Badlands album is definitely worth a listen. I love her entire album and all of her songs. This remix of her song Colors contains an awesome beat drop in the chorus. The lyrics are also very well written and delivered.  Halsey writes all of the lyrics to her songs. Give Colors a listen and also check out her Badlands album.

10. Happy Violence by Dada Life

This would have to be one of my favorite song by Dada Life. Happy Violence is a really cool instrumental with a lot of great sounds. The entire song’s tempo and use of sounds creates a really cool listening experience.

Check all of songs above here.

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