Normally, a millennial spends their life on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope. With social media, discoveries are made and love begins to blossom. Whether with people, causes and especially music. I mean, we have Shazam and other music apps to recognize something that captures us musically. Music is one of the #1 factors of mood, environment and the community you surround yourself with. Well, my discovery is Above and Beyond.

Above and Beyond is revitalizing. The trio, which consists of Jono Grand, Paavo Siljamäki and Tony McGuinness, brings a positive and unique sound in trance music. Their music, is like a breeze of fresh air, feeling every neurotransmitter in your music being.

Founded in 2000 in London, the trio, admired by their producing and remixes, is a sensation. They are the second highly grossing act in the US and have melodic acoustics that are beyond compare. They leave a long-lasting impression to fan old and new. They were recently in EDC Las Vegas, performing a ground breaking show which lit up under the electric sky.

Trance has revamped itself over the years, being especially popular in the 1990s, when the music style was Netherlands born. From this music movement, brings an amazing family, which is willing to travel, to relocate and to embrace the musical connection with these types of groups. What is absolutely positive about their brand and image is their fanbase, which doesn’t have an age divide. Below is a clip from their set, Anthony Vagenas, a dedicated fan bought their grandparents to EDC Las Vegas. Vagenas , wrote a letter quoted below.

“I am currently going to attend Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas with my brother and grandparents, and I’ll keep this short and sweet. My grandmother turns 75 years old Friday, June 17th, and my grandpa will be 84 years old during the time as well. I’m trying to give them the best experience that they can have while they are there at EDC, and would love for my grandparents to push the button. We have to keep the edm scene going for as long as we can and this would really help to prove that the age difference has no affect in a place like EDC, and everyone loves everyone.”

Above and Beyond viewed the letter. Normally, it is a spontaneous tradition, but the trio decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The musical trio, gave the two generations  push the button at EDC, which signifies that age isn’t a factor. Also, signifying that everyone can enjoy their music.  Warning: It is a tear jerker.

The beauty of it all is that it doesn’t matter where you come from, what job you have, or even what you’re going through, how old you are, music is the glue that mends us together, making us infinite to any of the obstacles that come toward us.