Big Wild’s “Empty Room” Has Me Dancing In Public

Big Wild’s “Empty Room” Has Me Dancing In Public

If you said you’ve never danced alone, in an empty room, you’d be lying. We’ve all done it. Big Wild’s new single “Empty Room” is about that feeling. Yuna’s smooth vocals help carry that sentiment through the song.

Despite the song’s upbeat melody, there is a tinge of sadness to it. It’s about getting over a past love. In the first verse, after the breakup, Yuna sings about being alone. She sings “Holding onto what we had, So now I’m dancing in an empty room.” With that sadness, though, there is also a sentiment of hope. In the second verse Yuna sings about being self-reliant and not needing another person to be happy. With the second verse, it’s “Letting go of what we had, So I’m dancing in an empty room”. In each verse the phrase “dancing in an empty room” has a different meaning.

Big Wild is a California-based DJ and producer. He started getting acclaim in 2015 when he caught Odesza’s attention and went on tour with them. Big Wild released his first EP, The Invincible EP, earlier this year on Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective label. He re released the “Empty Room” single last Friday as part of a compilation of remixes for the track. Artists involved in the remixes are Elderbrook, Win and Woo, Cabu, and Sofi Tukker.

Yuna is a singer-songwriter from Malaysia. She’s been on the scene since 2008, but didn’t reach international acclaim until she released her “Decorate” EP in 2011. She describes her sound as “a cross between Mary Poppins and Coldplay.” Even in this Big Wild track where her vocals are featured, we can hear that influence.

The upbeat groove of “Empty Room” with Yuna’s soulful lyrics is a song that you can’t help but dance to. Me, unlike Yuna, I’m not dancing in an empty room. This song has me dancing in public.

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