Birth of an Electric Spark, A New Mini Series By Julia Padilla

Birth of an Electric Spark, A New Mini Series By Julia Padilla

I’ve met a lot of people in the last 3 years, and of those people, I’ve made a lot of great connections and friendships. Most of these have formed because of raves, festivals and EDM music in general. Music brings us closer together, and after all the experiences I’ve had through, I will never not believe that. Because of meeting so many great people and building amazing friendships, that I’ve decided to start a mini-series. I give you, Birth of an Electric Spark.

Birth of an Electric Spark.

Birth of an Electric Spark. (shoutout to my friends for pitching me the name) Every now and then we’ll take a brief look into the life of a rave I’ve had the pleasure to meet at one point or another. Hopefully, their stories are as inspiring to you guys as they have been to me. Plus it’s a great way to tell the story of ravers from all over just like you and me.

*For privacy purposes I won’t include last names or other personal information*

Meet: Zoila R.

The Birth of an Electric Spark

What is your go-to EDM music? TRAP!!!

What is your favorite EDM song at the
moment? DO YOU LIKE BASS  by Yellow Claw and Juyen Sebulba

What is your favorite EDM song of all time? Well, couldn’t pick just one…
1. Coming Over by Dillon Francis and Kygo
2. Till it Hurts by Yellow Claw
3. Opus by Eric Pryds
4. Runaway by Galantis (KASKADE Remix)
5. Soundclash by Flosstradamus and TroyBoi


Who are some of your festival favorites? Some of the songs I love hearing live are Don’t stop the madness by Hardwell and W&W, DJ Turn It Up by Yellow Claw, Ritual by Marshmello and Beautiful Now by Zedd

What is the best set you’ve ever experienced? Major Lazer at EDC Las Vegas 2017

What is your favorite festival memory? Walking into the festival after being anxious on line for a long time. It’s like all your worries disappear and you only exist at this exact time in this place. Everything else that’s going on in the world just disappears.

Is there a festival you’re dying to attend/experience? EDCLV again. Something Wicked, Eforrest.

What is one thing rave culture has taught you? Not everyone is a unicorn.

Any advice for people attending their first festival/rave? Hydrate and say excuse me.


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