Birth of an Electric Spark Part 2 With Julia Padilla: Meet Gynelle A.

Birth of an Electric Spark Part 2 With Julia Padilla: Meet Gynelle A.

Since it is still fairly new to our site, here is another “Birth of an Electric Spark” segment to introduce another amazing soul and friend I’ve had the pleasure to meet and get to know.

Birth of an Electric Spark

Birth of an Electric Spark. (shout out to my friends for pitching me the name) Every now and then we’ll take a brief look into the life of a rave I’ve had the pleasure to meet at one point or another. Hopefully, their stories are as inspiring to you guys as they have been to me. Plus it’s a great way to tell the story of ravers from all over just like you and me.

*For privacy purposes I won’t include last names or other personal information*

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Meet: Gynelle A.
Birth of an Electric Spark

Favorite DJ: Kaskade

Favorite EDM genre: House

When and how did you start getting into EDM? It was 2009, my freshman year of high school. I was still kind of new to Las Vegas and that’s all they listened to over here on the west coast. I had became best friends with a guy named Geo. He would DJ on the weekends at little local places so I’d go watch and listen, and we would listen to music all day every day at school and give each other songs to hear. He put me onto dubstep, trap, house, all kinds of genres, and I would give him hip-hop songs to listen to. Eventually, I was coming home every day after school to download new EDM songs from this website. We started our own shuffling crew and we’d just listen to EDM all the time and after that, I was fully emerged.

What is your favorite EDM song at the moment? Nobody Like You – Kaskade. I can’t choose between the original or the sun-soaked remix

What is your favorite EDM song of all time? This is a hard one. There’s so many I love, but I’d have to say Angel On My Shoulder by Kaskade or Get Free by Major Lazer. Get Free has more of a Reggae vibe, but I love the vocals and the meaning of the song. It’s one of those songs I will cry to when I hear them play it.

Who are some of your festival favorites to watch? Major Lazer, Kaskade, Martin Garrix, Diplo, Calvin Harris

What is the best set you’ve ever experienced? It would have to be Major Lazer’s set at EDCLV 2017

Birth of an Electric Spark

Gynelle A. with Ookay at the kaleidoscope art car at for Kaskade’s surprise set.

My favorite Festival Memory was…

What is your favorite festival memory? My favorite festival memory would have to be at EDCLV 2015. I was with the love of my life watching Calvin Harris’s set. We were singing our hearts out to probably every song while he held me in his arms, and then “Summer” came on. That was our song ever since I had met him in the summer and it was the only time we would get to see each other and create a lot of our best memories. So hearing that song, while being in his arms was a euphoric moment for me. I remember thinking to myself in that moment, I never thought I could love someone this much.

Is there a festival you’re dying to attend/experience? Ultra, Electric Forrest.

Any advice for people attending their first festival/rave? Stay Hydrated!!!


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