[Listen] BlastRiot x Maddox Blesses Us with Throwin’ Elbows Remix

[Listen] BlastRiot x Maddox Blesses Us with Throwin’ Elbows Remix

Today, we’re blessed with a filthy mix! To start off, we all know Throwing Elbows by Excision. The single is something that should be in your regimen! The intense guitar solo alone is the driving force of the song. It’s one of the songs you hear at every set and festival. It’s the “mosh pit” anthem. We hear so many renditions. There is one that you must to listen to. Up and coming duo, Blastriot collaborated with Maddox and birthed perfection! BlastRiot x Maddox’s Throwin’ Elbows Remix is here! It will melt your face.

BlastRiot x Maddox Throwing Elbows Remix

Have your bass face ready! Both Blastriot and Maddox bring their absolute best into this mix. Not a surprise, their remix of Throwing Elbows put it over the top! The heavy hitting remix is in a category of it’s own. Upcoming DJ duo Blastriot is bringing the filth and melting our faces and their collaboration with Maddox, makes it even more filthy! From Argentina, Maddox is  the trap king of Argentina. With the collaboration with Blastriot x Maddox, it’s all we’ve ever wanted!

Together, they effortlessly blend genres such as trap, future bass and their own genre riot house. Their sound is perfectly reflected in this remix and gives you a taste of Blastriot and what’s to come!


Reactions, Inspiration and More To Come!

Blastriot x Maddox brings the filth with their spin on the song. From one bass head to another, hearing a song with such power makes me want to follow a DJ, a duo or even a movement. When I first heard the mix, I was on my way to an event and I stopped and showed my friends! Their reactions were the same as mine. It’s edgy, it’s a track that will make you stop dead in your tracks! Their sound blended perfectly well with Throwing Elbows, leading the elements that made it their own! The trap elements along with a hardtrap sold me. I can never get tired of this song and their spin on it!” Lexi W

“Blastriot is a group that continues to break through boundaries with great mixes and remixes of music specially in the trap/hard trap genre. The “Throwing Elbows” remix is exactly what the edm genre needs. Trap/hardtrap is in its own criteria because of its hyped influence through out the last couple of years. This remix is just too good to not be blasted through your speakers and try to keep turning the volume up pass it limits.” Orlando A

I don’t want to give too much away! In the upcoming weeks, there will be an exclusive interview with the masterminds. Here’s what they said about their remix and what inspired them!

What inspired you to remix Throwing Elbows? Honestly the guitar part! Steve and I love hard rock and wanted to mix hard rock with a genre we love to play inside clubs. We figured it’ll be the best of both worlds!

Until next time, check out the remix Blastriot x Maddox remix. Tell us what you think!

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