Born Days: Kid Cudi & Skrillex Birthday Party Pop-Up 1/21

Born Days: Kid Cudi & Skrillex Birthday Party Pop-Up 1/21

I wasn’t planning on doing anything Saturday night. That changed instantly. I came across  Born Days. Born Days, which is a pop up event celebrating artists birthdays. The great thing about Born Days is that you’re with people who are just as excited. Recently, they’ve done tributes to Drake and Nicki Minaj‘s birthday. The theme was Skrillex & Kid Cudi. Two of my favorite people, I knew I had to go. The poster automatically peaked my interest. I was sold!

Born Days

At first I must admit, I thought it was free tickets to see both Skrillex & Kid Cudi. It didn’t stop me from going. The poster alone made me want to go. The event made me cancel my plans with my bed and I was on my way to enjoy great energy, uplifting people and most of all music by Skrillex and Kid Cudi. Goodbye bed, hello Born Days!


Born Days: Kid Cudi & Skrillex Birthday Party Pop-Up

My friend and I were on route. It was at the Hudson room on 46th street between 11th and 12th ave.  We went in the elevator excited for the event, It was very spacious with enough room to sit and dance. My friend and I ended up getting a drink and we were looking around.
It was the first roof top terrace event I’ve been to. There were foam board cut outs of Skrillex and Kid Cudi. Many people took pictures and tagged #borndays_love to win prizes and give aways. If it was your birthday, you were eligible for a prize!

Born Days: Kid Cudi & Skrillex Birthday Party Pop-Up

As the night began, My friend and I began to dance to classics like Bangarang, Pursuit of Happiness, Soundtrack to My Life and much more. The DJ played a perfect blend of Kid Cudi and Skrillex. It was a perfect blend and it was cosmic. The energy was positive and uplifting.Born Days: Kid Cudi & Skrillex Birthday Party Pop-Up It is the most fun I’ve had since festival season and going to an event like this gave me so much joy!

The Hosts

I had the pleasure to meet Mike Baro and Gabriel Williams, the founders/hosts of Born Days. They were SUPER friendly and so easy to talk to! I expressed my obsession with both Kid Cudi and Skrillex! They were enjoying themselves alongside the crowd.  Of course they were ecstatic with the turn out of the event! They had fun of their own with the paper cut outs!



The night was nothing short of amazing! From the drinks to the loving energy, we both knew it was going to be a great night! My hi light of the night dancing with everyone to Surfin’ feat Pharrell. , available on Itunes. Surfin’ is from his new album Passion, Pain and Demon Slaying. Everyone joined together dancing and raging to Surfin’ It was a moment I’d never forget.

If you can’t tell by my expression below, I had a 10/10 time. The event didn’t run too late, which was amazing. It was a perfect way to unwind and to enjoy good music with good company. I’d recommend checking out Born Days and be on the lookout for their next event. To be honest, I felt bad for the people who missed this opportunity. It was a perfect free event with nothing less of a good time! Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be on watch for the next event!Born Days: Kid Cudi & Skrillex Birthday Party Pop-Up

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