A Broke Man’s Guide to Festivals: Volunteering & Giveaways

A Broke Man’s Guide to Festivals: Volunteering & Giveaways

It’s no secret that festivals can be expensive, between $200-$400 on average, restricting many EDM fans from attending. However, being low on cash doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. There are several ways to score free or discounted festival tickets without draining your wallet. Here are some easy ways to gain access to the hottest festivals in the country.

Festivals Volunteer Opportunities

All of the popular music festivals, such as Bonnaroo, Hangout Music Festival and EDC, offer a variety of different volunteer opportunities for those who can’t afford the pricey tickets or just simply want to help out. There opportunities can include bartending, working or setting up tents, social media advertising or selling tickets.

One way to volunteer is through the Work Exchange Team, where you can find many volunteer opportunities for your favorite fests. However, not all volunteer tickets are free. Some festivals will require you to buy a discounted ticket or make a down payment that will be reimbursed after you complete your shifts at the event.

Many festivals, including Bonnaroo, also offer opportunities to be a Brand Ambassador, in which you sell tickets to friends and peers to score a ticket of your own! You can enter to be a Brand Ambassador or volunteer at the Get Involved tab on the Bonnaroo website.

Festivals Giveaways

There are many different platforms to check for festival ticket giveaways, including social media and festivals websites. Currently, EDC Las Vegas is holding a giveaway contest on their website called “EDC Yourself” in which you simply personalize a graphic and submit it for your chance to win tickets.

                Photo Courtesy of EDC

You simply change the underlined text, pick your text color, add and position a picture and share your creation on social media using #EDCYourself2017Entry.

There are contests such as these happening constantly, making it easy for those low on cash to potentially win tickets to see their favorite artists. Another popular giveaway technique is through social media.  Electric Forest is also holding a sweepstakes through their site and social media for a pair of tickets that you can enter here.

For your chance to win tickets to your favorites shows and fests, follow the festival pages on social media and check frequently for sweepstakes on their websites. There are endless opportunities to enter contests or fill out entries in order to avoid the hefty costs of fest tickets.

You can also check out the Contests tab on the Mix 247 EDM website for more ticket giveaways and entry opportunities.

Happy festing!

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