Calvin Harris releases ‘My Way’: Here’s Why It’s Important

Calvin Harris releases ‘My Way’: Here’s Why It’s Important

Calvin Harris has finally released his new song “My Way” late Thursday evening. This track marks the second release since the Swiftly written (pun intended) “This is What You Came For”. The DJ has been teasing the single since September 12th when he tweeted a picture of the song’s cover art with the stark caption “16th”.

A few days before the release, he also invited fans to guess whose vocals will be featured. He offered a reward for the top five people to give the correct predictions.


Well done Harris. He is repeatedly showing us why he should be discussed for his music and not his relationship status. Through his invitation to guess vocals, and cryptic cover art release, he has enticed fans to stay focused on his song.

Although we cannot deny the inevitable interest fans would have in the lyrics. Harris makes a strong play at directing the attention back onto him.

Flash forward toThursday evening and we see that the “featured vocals” are from none other than Harris himself. Again he illustrates that he is enough to get psyched over.

This is not the first track Calvin Harris has sang on. He also provided vocals on the hit “Feels so Close” and later in the 2014 “Summer”. Calvin revealed to the Elvis Duran show his reason for rarely singing is because “he likes to sing very privately.”

“I always think about singing and then every two years I force myself to do it,” Harris revealed to the Elvis Duran show in an interview this Friday.

“If I cant imagine someone else really singing them like I can” then he steps in.

As for suspicion that the song is directly addressing infamous ex Taylor Swift, Calvin says he’s had the idea for years.

He told Elvis Duran about coming up with the idea when he was working at a Safeway store in Scotland. He was in the midst of trying to move down to London to make music full time but he didn’t have the money. “If I could break out of this I could have enough time to work on music and get good”.

Calvin Harris later affirmed to The Ryan Seacrest show that the song could be taken to “be about anything, like getting rid of a job you hate or a significant other for the better.”

Does who, or what a song is about make us love it any less?
Is Calvin’s career receiving a boost because of his relationship past?
Are you feeling his latest singles?

Let us know in the comments below.

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