Calvin Harris Releases New Single, “Heatstroke” – LISTEN

Calvin Harris Releases New Single, “Heatstroke” – LISTEN

Cryptic tweets gave us a hint, but no one knew exactly what Calvin Harris was hiding up his sleeve.

After announcing he’d release 10 singles in 2017, Calvin Harris has kept part of his promise with his recent song “Slide” featuring Frank Ocean & Migos. The song has become an instant smash, putting the world on edge waiting for the next release.

A series of tweets starting this past Saturday signaled the countdown for the next single:

He has finally dropped his new single entitled “Heatstroke” featuring Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams and Young Thug.

Calvin Harris utilizes many similar elements from his previous single “Slide” in this new song. In lieu of punctuating piano chords he’s chosen a softer keyboard background, but moves the song along with the same style of bass line. He’s again combined a familiar and powerful singing voice with the contemporary rap vocals of an auto-tuned hedonist, a successful coupling I doubt Harris moves away from in the future.

Pharrell Williams shines in the harmonically beautiful chorus, with Ariana Grande adding her usual vocal acrobatics to the mix. Despite the massive star power of those two, Young Thug demands the spotlight on this song and infuses the lyrics with a relaxed and playful vibe.

“Heatstroke” is decidedly more upbeat than “Slide”, but the overlap between the two singles suggests the nature of Calvin Harris‘s next full album. They indicate a Daft Punk-esque return to laidback, beach-inspired tracks you’d hear blasting out of a convertible. The fearless nature of his collaborations also suggests future tracks could pull from influences far outside of this genre, so the world anxiously awaits the full release of the next album. Harris has previously declared “all my songs in 2017 have been sonically designed to make you feeling f*cking incredible,” and he seems to be keeping his promise so far.

With eight singles left on his release schedule, we can expect more creative rollouts as we slide through 2017. Be on the watch for new tunes and good vibes from Calvin Harris and find all the new releases here at Mix 247 EDM.

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