Celebrating a Wild Time at Life in Color: Kingdom

Celebrating a Wild Time at Life in Color: Kingdom

In their triumphant return to Buffalo for the fourth year in a row, Life in Color both arrived and left with a bang of paints and sounds, the likes of which will stay in the minds of those in attendance for years to come. The amazing DJs accompanying the performers, Zomboy and Zeds Dead, were extraordinarily kind to the crowd and consistently blew them away with the drops. It goes without saying, Lake Erie was reverberating with bass, and the crowd was celebrating the wild time of it all.

The evening was filled with wave after wave of multi-colored paints, splattering the audience across the grass and dirt alike. The infamous wind that comes in along the Great Lakes was relatively forgiving the evening of the event, only causing a few streams to disintegrate mid-stream, and even then the splatter ended up getting more audience members as a result. Along with the paint guns on stage, the audience went berserk with the bottles of paint for sale. The stall sold out literally moments after Zomboy stepped on stage.

The set and energy Zomboy put out at Life in Color was intense. The rainbow mass of audience was adrift with crowd-surfers and they were often met with Zomboy jumping on his DJ booth on several occasions throughout the night. Zeds Dead captivated the crowd with their graphics, many of which contained psychedelic patterns and melting figures. Beside the giant golden lion head center piece, the icon of Life in Color: Kingdom, the show was a visual feast for the eyes.

Last Friday, Buffalo’s Outer Harbor celebrated the end of summer, but also the spirit and resilience of life. Life in Color delivered a show not only comparable to their prior Buffalo shows, but according to the murmurings of the crowd, one of the best.

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