The Chainsmokers Rattle Lady Gaga And Rihanna Fans

The Chainsmokers Rattle Lady Gaga And Rihanna Fans

The Chainsmokers feel the heat after getting a little too real in their latest interview with Rolling Stone.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers discussed everything from Lady Gaga’s newest single to standing up dates.

One half of the band Alex Pall began by praising Coldplay front man Chris Martin. Saying he thinks he and his band are “the [expletive] greatest, dude.” So much so that Pall willingly stood his girlfriend up in order to work with Martin. He mentioned that he usually likes to work during the day and clock out by 10 p.m. treating it like a job. Yet when it came to Martin he had to make an exception.

When asked by record execs what they think of Lady Gaga’s new song “Perfect Illusion” Pall responds “It sucks.” While Taggart more gently responds, “she’s a great artist – like, Jeff Koons made a sculpture of her.” Later Pall adds that “a lot of talented people worked on that song.”

Many fans took to Twitter to express their anger over Pall’s aforementioned 2 word response. Even getting the Hashtag #Chainsmokersareoverparty trending.


While Taggart and Pall don’t flinch when given the opportunity to throw shade; they are equally enthusiastic about the chance to lift artists up.

When looking for new material and inspiration The Chainsmokers don’t sit around and wait for songs to strike them. They actively search Soundcloud every day. Keeping running lists of influential bloggers for any sign of something fresh and new. They told Rolling Stone that they have spent years compiling a list. This Soundcloud catalogue “had people like Halsey and Tove Lo on it way before anyone really knew who they were.” They explained that new unheard of artists have a “hunger” and are “willing to work really hard.”

These comments came after mentioning that Rihanna turned down the offer to future her vocals on the hit “Don’t Let Me Down”. After which the band got relatively new singer Daya to lend her vocals. The song went on to place on the Hot 100 for 21 weeks.

The boys comments on ‘hard work’ of course also garnered some attention. Fans took them to mean that Rih Rih wasn’t willing to put in the same ‘hunger’ and ‘hard work’ they praised Daya for.

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