The Chainsmokers Release New Single “Paris”

The Chainsmokers Release New Single “Paris”

The Chainsmokers released a new single Friday, January 13th called “Paris”.

This song features the vocals of Andrew Taggart. Andrew’s voice is showcased a lot more in this song than in any of their other tracks thus far. It’s interesting that we just get to focus on Andrew’s voice alone throughout most of the song because we have gotten used to hearing him equal parts with another female vocalist. His voice also feels a lot more raw than his vocals in “Closer” and gives this song a more stripped down feeling.

This single also features the uncredited vocals of Victoria Zaro. Her voice stays more in the background as she harmonizes with Andrew during the chorus but also has a few moments of her own.

The song is lyric-driven and falls in the same vein as their other recent single “All We Know”. What’s also interesting to note about this single is the creative direction of the album artwork. We are used to the same stylized “template” they’ve been using for all their other singles. It’s a white square in the center with the text inside of it and a design radiating outward from the square. The album artwork for “Paris” is entirely different which leaves us wondering, “Why?” Maybe something new is in the works? Either way it’s keeping fans on their toes.

There’s a lyric video for Paris that someone has released on YouTube. At the beginning of the video, before the song starts, the opening screen gives us a definition of Paris:

Paris n 1: a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine 2: an irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or daydreams.

Introducing the song this way makes it seem like the song isn’t necessarily about Paris the place itself.  Maybe its more about Paris as a feeling. Which makes sense because the lyrics feel very nostalgic, as does the overall vibe of the song.

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