The Chainsmokers Sign 3 Year Deal in Vegas

The Chainsmokers Sign 3 Year Deal in Vegas

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and recently has been gaining credibility to be the EDM capital of the world. The top rated nightclubs in the world is a big reason for that, signing the most popular and talented DJs and producers ever to grace the Billboard Top 100s. The Chainsmokers have joined those ranks by signing an exclusive 3 year deal with the renowned XS Nightclub inside The Wynn.

According to the new agreement, The Chainsmokers will not play any nightclub sets outside of XS Las Vegas, thus forcing fans outside of the strip to try to catch one of the duo’s many festival appearances. This genius strategy will help to ensure that The Chainsmokers can continue to snag top billings on festival lineups while keeping booking rates high by marketing themselves as an exclusive commodity. While this is something typically seen of regular Las Vegas legacy acts, the early commitment of one of pop music’s biggest duos will help The Chainsmokers to continue to burn bright without fading out too quickly.

Wynn Nightlife Executive Vice President and Managing Partner Alex Cordova was excited to share news about the new partnership:

“We’re excited to welcome The Chainsmokers to XS and Encore Beach Club…Partnering with such talented and sought-after artists exemplifies Wynn Nightlife’s commitment to bringing world-class entertainment to our luxury venues”

This is an amazing opportunity for both The Chainsmokers and its millions of fans across the globe. Over 40 million visit Las Vegas each year and fans can now get the Vegas experience. Success for The Chainsmokers keep rolling, coming off an exceptional year by having undoubtedly the song of the year, “Closer,” and now this exclusive deal. The future is bright for this young musical duo.

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