[Listen] The Chainsmokers Surprise Us With “The One”, Track One For Upcoming Album

[Listen] The Chainsmokers Surprise Us With “The One”, Track One For Upcoming Album

The Chainsmokers unexpectedly released another single called “The One” on Monday, March 27th.

Again,the song features the vocal stylings of Andrew Taggart, this song is a bit on the melancholy and sentimental side. That may be due to the raw emotion we can always hear in Taggart’s vocals. It starts out almost more like a pop ballad, with a slow build of guitar throughout the entire song. The Chainsmokers drop some bass kick for the bridge, giving us a taste of their more traditional style, even though it lacks some of the punch in their other songs. The subdued sound of the pads, though, is par the course for the tone of the song.

The lyrical content of this song fits right into the story line they’ve been building with their previous singles. We’re really getting a feel for their true range with this song. While it’s still on brand with the rest of their music, “The One” is definitely an unexpected sound. Way to branch out guys, we definitely dig it. And we definitely are excited to see what this means for the other tracks on “Memories… Do Not Open”.

They posted on their Instagram: “Surprise!! We wanted to give you one more track off the album early! The One is the first song on the album! Let us know what you think!?” The emotionally charged single “The One” will be the first track on their upcoming album. With the tracks building up to this new single, we can expect the album to have a wide range of sound and tempo and, as always, tell us a story. “Memories… Do Not Open” will be released April 7th. The album will also include singles “Paris” and “Something Just Like This”. Featuring artists like Coldplay and Florida Georgia Line, we can tell that we’re in for a treat, but can’t deny that Taggart’s vocals can hold their own.

While we anxiously await the arrival of their upcoming album, make sure to catch them on their “Memories… Do Not Open” Tour.

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