Cheat Codes and 3LAU in New York City

Cheat Codes and 3LAU in New York City

I’ve done a pretty good job not allowing any post-festival-season-depression get the best of me. With planning future festivals with new rave family I’ve met at previous festivals, shopping for new rave clothes, and lining up shows to go to, it’s almost as if we’re still in festival season.

The other day I bought a ticket to see Herobust and Ookay and today I bought a ticket to see DJ Snake, Tchami, Malaa and Mercer, and the following day is Dillon Francis. Maybe my bank account isn’t the happiest, but I sure am!

I just saw Cheat Codes and 3LAU at Terminal 5 in NYC, my first time at that particular venue as well as my first time seeing 3LAU. It was my second time seeing Cheat Codes and I was more impressed with them this time than I was when I saw them at Thrival Festival in Pittsburgh earlier this year. At Thrival, their set time was unfortunately pretty early in the day causing the crowd to be rather small. Although that didn’t hinder any of their capability to put on an amazing set, their energy with this much larger crowd was undeniable.

Cheat Codes absolutely got everyone moving, and extremely stoked for 3LAU. I couldn’t wait to see how he threw down, and the answer to that is: dirty! He had everyone jumping, head banging and full on raging. The lights were incredibly mesmerizing consisting of the most dope color coordinations like blue with purple and yellow with green.

I was so disappointed when the set was over because I could have kept dancing all night. In fact, I basically did! 3LAU had us so hyped up we continued the dance party over at Webster Hall. My first time seeing 3LAU and my first time at Terminal 5 was most definitely a success. More than anything else it got my energy at an all time high for the extensive and impressive list of upcoming shows this month!

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