Watch This Coachella 2016 Aftermovie: “Dreamchella”

Watch This Coachella 2016 Aftermovie: “Dreamchella”

Still missing Coachella and the Empire Polo Fields? I got in touch with Kris Mangaccat from Los Angeles, California to talk about the aftermovie he created for this year’s festival.


So tell the readers about yourself.

Hi, my name’s Kris. I have a girlfriend, her name’s Jamee. I love dogs and driving my car. [laughs] Right now, I’m a driver for Lyft and I’m building my marketing agency on the side. Before that, I was working for Tai Lopez for a year as the head of support and before that, I was a therapist for three years. Everything I learned up until that point made me realize that there was no more time to waste to build my passions — videography and mixing music. I’ve been making music mixes since high school and videos since college, and I’ve always had a knack for it.

How was your Coachella experience?

Overall, it was really dope – it was my first Coachella. I realized that every event has a different “maturity level,” you could say. I went to EDC Las Vegas twice before this. That was like what freshman year of college felt like with all of the partying. Coachella had a more mature vibe, you could bring your little brother and sister there and it wouldn’t be weird, you know? It’s such a different feel. The music was good, the food was great, the people were amazing. I always tell people, “You can go to any event, but if you’re not surrounded by positive people, you’re not going to have a good time.” Coachella was dope, but if my group wasn’t dope then it wouldn’t matter. It’s all about the people.

Can you tell us a little about the aftermovie you made?

Okay, so backstory: we didn’t get enough footage. [laughs] I worked with what I had. I came to the conclusion that at most events, the typical viewpoint for kids our age is to have fun, listen to music, and party. What I wanted to do with this aftermovie was to showcase the experience. The art installations, the way people are dressed, the vibes – it’s not showcased the way it should be. I wanted the person watching it to feel like they were reliving a dream. Coachella isn’t a typical music event, there’s more to it than just partying. You have to immerse yourself in the experience. It can be about the partying, but if you want it to, it can be a totally different world.

What equipment did you use for this video?

I used Final Cut Pro for the video and the music, and a Go Pro Hero4 Silver and Hero3 Silver. Nothing too crazy.

Any other projects in the works right now?

I’m the creative director for VeggiDome, kind of like a greenhouse for vegetables. You keep vegetables in it on your table or wherever, and it keeps them fresher longer than your fridge would. An amazing product, in my opinion. I helped with the whole creative process for our Indiegogo campaign, and within three days we raised over $5,000.

But the biggest reason why I’m getting back into videography and photography is because of Sarap, the marketing agency I co-founded with my best friend Kevin Lee. The original idea for Sarap – which means tasteful and delightful in Tagalog – stemmed from my friend Jaytee and his love for food. I want to build all kinds of artists and help them profit from their passions, the same way I am. Further down the line, I want our agency to create an event with all proceeds going towards autism awareness. I did the whole school thing and the whole work thing, and I realized that people are only going to be fully happy with themselves if they use their passion. I want to send people the message that if you’re passionate about something, then our job at Sarap is to help you profit from that.


Take a look at Kris’ Coachella aftermovie, “Dreamchella,” here:

Keep up with Kris by following him on his Instagram at @0bi_wan, or follow the links for more information on VeggiDome and Sarap.


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