[Listen] Check Out This Haunting New Release From KWM and RichThane

[Listen] Check Out This Haunting New Release From KWM and RichThane

“Monster” is a dark and melodic pop ballad from KWM and RichThane.  This melodic track features wonderful vocals and a mid-tempo beat with a haunting tone. This track touches on the darker side that lives inside all of us. Listen to it here on Soundcloud and Spotify below.

KWM members Nashi, X & Yahwain, and RichThane are a Florida based production team. Earlier this year they released the tropical remix to Faydee’s “Nobody” featuring Kat Deluna and Leftside. KWM started about four years when KWM members ‘Nashi’ and ‘Bless X decided to create a new sound. The group describes their sound as a fusion between their roots of dancehall, reggae, pop, house, and EDM.  Each member of the group bring something different to the group. 

They credit their inspiration to create music to life and all the moments it has to offer. For this group, specific moments in time can inspire songs. Ever since the group started making music four years ago, they have not stopped.

“We didn’t choose music, music chose us and we love it,” the members said.

When creating music, the group typically tailors a beat to better suit an artist that they have in mind to work with. Because KWM is a studio producer group, they often work with other artists. They uses a variety of instruments to create their sound. Keyboards and live percussion are a couple instruments the group commonly uses. The KWM members typically do not play shows, instead they form alliances with DJs. The group works closely with DJ Cityboy and DJ Jean, who do play shows.

KWM can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Twitter. The group does not have a website, but plan on creating one soon.

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