[Watch] Children Of A Miracle by Don Diablo and Marnik

[Watch] Children Of A Miracle by Don Diablo and Marnik

Don Diablo released a new single on March 17th called “Children of a Miracle”.

Don Diablo enlists the help of Marnik to write this awesome tune. Marnik‘s is an up and coming artist who has collaborated with KSHMR in the past. I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of them after this single. Together, Marnik and Don Diablo achieve a dreamy vibe paired with uplifting lyrics that really drive the beat of the whole song.

The music video came out March 21st. It’s a very unique video that shows us a bunch of kids with powers kind of ruling over nature. It’s a bit of a montage with each kid having there own unique power. The video expands on these powers as the song continues.

The visuals are really appealing to the eye in this video. The kids have animalistic features and geometric face paint. The hard shapes pop in a really interesting way against the organic nature backdrop. The kids are running with white wolves in the white snow, and there’s something about white on white that’s really pleasing to look at. These images make for a really cool vibe that suits the feeling of the song very well. The video also uses some dope effects to show the how the children are using their powers.

Come the end of the song we discover that these “children of a miracle” are dreaming and that their powers are influenced by their environment. It is hinted at that each of these kids are going through some sort of hardship and this dream world where they have control is their escape.

Don Diablo described the song on SoundCloud, saying “Children Of A Miracle with Marnik is our anthem to encourage all of us to hold on to our childhood dreams and to fight for ours personal miracles no matter how rough the road ahead seems. never stop believing! X”. And an anthem this song is. It’s uplifting tone is definitely going to help inspire people in pursuit of their dreams.

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