Choosing Between EDC LV and Electric Forest

Choosing Between EDC LV and Electric Forest

This year, I was initially planning on doing one major festival, and a few smaller festivals. I classify major festivals not only for festival size and popularity, but also distance, cost, etc. Originally I wanted Electric Forest to be my one major festival this year. At first, I couldn’t get a group together willing to commit, but I did, however, have a group who were just about to buy their tickets to EDC Las Vegas. So I made the switch. Although the vibes of the two festivals in comparison are totally different, they were both two major festivals I’ve desperately wanted to go to, so my decision became based on who was willing to commit to one specifically, so I could make moves and purchase my ticket.

I couldn’t realistically make weekend 1 of Electric Forest, because it was cutting it way too close to when I got back from EDC LV, and weekend 2 I had family commitments. They ended up falling through, and I was now able to make weekend 2 of Electric Forest. I bought a ticket, because regardless of the money situation, two major festivals in one year is ALWAYS better than one major festival. Right? Right!!

Let me just say, I loved BOTH. They are completely unique and completely different from one another. EDC LV is like, the epitome of a ravers festival dream come to life x100. It is PLUR central, with ravers exchanging kandi everywhere you turn. It’s full of upbeat, friendly faces who want to hug you and dance with you, regardless if they even know your name. Beautiful. Electric Forest isn’t so much the kandi-on-your-wrist-up-to-your-elbow type of vibe. People are a bit more chill and relaxed. There are smiles on everyone’s faces, though. If you engage in conversation with someone, it’s more personal. It’s getting a glimpse into who they really are.

As far as clothing goes, EDC LV is definitely the scene for extreme and creative costumes, or your “typical” rave gear. It’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll run into another beautiful soul wearing the same iHeartRaves bodysuit as you, but you’ll make eye contact, point to each other, smile and tell each other how great you look! The style of Electric Forest is bohemian, hippie chic. Some are barefoot, some are half naked, some are fully dressed in hoodies and other things to keep them warm. Most peoples outfits didn’t even necessarily “match” but that’s totally fitting. It would be pretty rare to find someone else wearing the same thing as you there.

Lastly, of course, is to compare the music. EDC LV line up is strictly EDM artists (aside from DJ Khalid to which I’m still confused about.) If you’re going to EDC LV, you’re going because you want to be jumping around, head banging, in the crowds, full of energy for hours on end. Of course we all could use a break every once in a while, but it’s pretty rare to be “chilling” for too long at EDC LV. Electric Forest is exactly the opposite. Of course their line up features incredible well known DJ’s, but it also has other genres, and artists offered, too. The eclectic line up welcomes a different crowd than your standard ravers. These types of genres allows for more reasonable time to just put out a blanket and lay in the fields of grass, sit up in some stands at a few stages, or even set up a hammock and chill for hours.

Another major difference is that Electric Forest offers re-entry. That was the first festival I’ve been to with that access, and I found that to be an extremely wonderful asset that I definitely took advantage of. I wholeheartedly loved both festivals, and would 100% go back to both next year. If I was forced to choose between the two, even putting aside cost and everything else that goes into choosing a festival, I would definitely pick Electric Forest, hands down. I’ve never felt more myself, or more accepted in my entire life, I’ve never felt like I had more control over my experience at a festival and although it of course is a music festival, I loved that it was so much more than “just a music festival.”

Electric Forest offers a wider range of music genres for their line up, re-entrance, camping, live art, tons of vendors to purchase their beautiful work, and the most accepting and judgment free environment ever. It’s a place to go to completely immerse yourself into, lose yourself in, but find yourself, too. What more could you ask for?

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