[Listen] Chromeo Drops New EDM Single “Juice”

[Listen] Chromeo Drops New EDM Single “Juice”

EDM DJ Chromeo, has a new edm tune out entitled “Juice” and the beat is absolutely banging!

Chromeo has a unique style in the EDM world and “Juice” totally brings that unique style right to the forefront. There’s always a wavy, cool beat throughout the song, accompanied by some killer bass lines as well. All throughout “Juice”, these elements come through and really make an awesome EDM song overall.

The start of “Juice” has a great deal of really neat wobbles. The lyrics take a rather provocative path from the start, but by the end of the song, they kind of even out. There’s a definitively funky vibe throughout the length of the track.

When the song goes into the synth work, the song overall seems to jut into an almost “new wave” or chillwave kind of vibe. There is a unique, soft use of percussion that sounds really solid overall when harmonizing with the many other elements throughout the tune. The chorus in an of itself is definitely straight out of the 80s. The keyboard elements (again, more of the stellar synth work at play) are pretty slick as well.

There’s a definite similarity to Daft Punk throughout “Juice”, mostly drawing me to compare it to their work on Random Access Memories. I think that party the synth work along with the disco, new wave elements really coming through in that unique harmony. There is that sense of waviness though that is definitely Chromeo at the core. The repetition of the lyrics “pressing you” around the keystone, title of the song lyrics “juice” near the breakdown really just creates a unique vibe altogether. The fun synth work really comes to a great conclusion and the ending to “Juice” really feels encouraging.

Listen to “Juice” down below and make sure to follow Chromeo on all his social media!