Circus Records Tour Rocks Sold Out Denver Show

Circus Records Tour Rocks Sold Out Denver Show

Circus Records, the independent label credited with bringing dubstep to the forefront, finally brought their tour to the Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver. The announced acts Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, Funtcase, and Diskord were to be supported by a mysterious “even more” on the bill. The Circus crew obviously had some fun with their time off in Denver, but as the night descended they were set to have a little more.

The night was kicked off by the freshest Circus artist, Diskord. Though normally a duo, only one half of Diskord performed, but he certainly made up for the lost member. The onslaught of trap 808s and funky bass drops kept the crowd electrified. He broke from dubstep to mix in some DnB, specifically a fantastic remix of Deadmau5‘s “Strobe”.

Doctor P calmly took the stage toward the end of Diskord‘s set and, to the delight of the crowd, they DJed a bit together before Doctor P took the reigns. He got on the mic and said Denver is “one of our favorite cities to play”, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

If we ever needed a soundtrack to a robot apocalypse, my go to would be Doctor P. He gave the crowd it’s daily dose of DJ Snake‘s “Proganda”, Dillon Francis‘ remix of Zomboy‘s “Nuclear” and sneaked in some Flux Pavilion classics. Doctor P stuck with his hip-hop influenced dubstep coupled with visuals of snails, rabbits, frogs and robots over his tracks. A stunning-animated movie also played over the middle of his set, which even matched the bpm changes of the music. The mosh pit that broke out was strong evidence of how much the crowd was into Doctor P.  He played a fantastic set, which he finished with an encore spinning of Nero‘s “Promises”.

Flux Pavilion began his set with a shoutout to Doctor P and Circus Records. Flux deserves true respect for what he’s created in the Circus Records label and his own music. He’s dabbled in a mix projects over the years, yet he still brings fresh sounds and brilliant ideas to each new song. Last night he veered away from the melodic bass tracks he’s known for, but it was appropriate with all the Circus Records artists together. Flux‘s music seems louder than the other DJs; a testament to his tracks’ detailed sound design, or maybe his dismissal of the sound system’s abused limiter.

After only five songs he suddenly stopped the music and declared there was a special reason he hadn’t played any dubstep yet. Flux revealed this set was actually going to be a back-to-back set with none other than Circus Records‘ own Cookie Monsta.

Mixing Cookie‘s heavy dubstep in with Flux‘s biggest hits, they created unique combinations of their distinct sounds. They started with a remix of the Flux classic “Louder”, then into “Bass Cannon”, Kill The Noise‘s “F*ck your MGMT” and other hits blended with Cookie Monsta‘s screeching bass. Cookie accidentally killed the sound system at one point, prompting Flux to assert Cookie‘s music was “too f*ckin’ heavy”.

The visuals were mostly clowns and blood, a fitting theme for Circus Records. Brief samples of “I Can’t Stop” and Flux & KTN‘s remix of “Freeway” were punctuated by the venue-shaking sounds from Cookie. The samples would briefly entice the crowd, getting people pumped for those, then Flux/Cookie would drop the floor out with an insane, bass-heavy barrage.

Funtcase, who’s been on the label since 2010, closed out this stop on the Circus Records Tour in his signature “filthy” style. He managed to keep the crowd engaged despite taking over the decks after hours of bass music. Managing to switch genres effortless, he kept everyone on their toes with unexpected drops that thrilled the audience into the early hours.

The Circus Records Tour was a whirlwind of sensory overload as the artists rocked Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. Each artist managed to carve out a memorable spot in our mind and left a very impressive lasting impression. Knowing Denver is one of their favorite spots, we hope to see them again soon.

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